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“Advo.ninja has organically extended our social media reach 10 fold. When we launched our mobile product earlier this year, sharing the news across our team’s personal networks was critical to the coverage and attention we received.”

Rachel Chalmers

VP Marketing @ Talent Sonar Inc


“Advo.Ninja is our only digital marketing platform that is truly bringing thousands of potential clients to our website every week. Within 2 months, we have saved more than $20,000 in sponsored ads while bringing quality traffic through organic reach.”

Christopher Perez

Demand Gen Director @ 11 Capital Finance

Why Advo.Ninja?

Increase Social Reach

Advo.Ninja makes it absolutely easy and fun for employees to share corporate content on multiple social networks.


Brand messages reached 561% further when shared by employees.


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Effortlessly Build Reputation

When relevant content is shared by in-house subject matter experts, your brand instantly becomes a thought leader.


Advo.Ninja automatically delivers content that match wtih employee historical behavior for higher social engagement.


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Deeply Understand Your Prospects

Get the visibility into what content resonates most with your audiences.


Talent Sonar Inc. reached over 3000 relevant audience during product launch with zero additional cost and time.


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Create win-win-win

Executive Team


Consistent and Continuous Personal Branding


Scales of Employee Referral Process


Amplification of Approved Corporate Messages



Become a Thought Leader with no extra effort


Easy access to relevant content


Build Long-lasting Social Profiles



7X conversion through employee social leads


Demonstrate subject matter expertise


Keep prospects informed without intriguing