10 Best Personal Branding Practices on LinkedIn

As a professional, having a LinkedIn page exposes you to over 500 million business professionals. According to LinkedIn’s own statistics 79% of people view them as an effective source for generating leads for marketing purposes. This is because of the mere fact that you can target by employee level, job title or even a specific skill made very convenient for you. When it comes to direct traffic to a company’s website, LinkedIn users are far more likely to visit your website. This trend was gathered over a two-year period by analyzing 2 million monthly visits to over 60 different corporate websites according to bebusinessed.com. Without a doubt LinkedIn gives companies great potential to become thought leaders, expand its community and garner new businesses.


LinkedIn has proven to be one of the best marketing channels b2b will find that is effective. Use these tactics to build social profile on LinkedIn. Here are some tactics you can’t miss. They are easy, quick and extremely effective in building your personal brand. 


1. Keep your profile crisp


The first thing you need to do is make sure your logo, or professional picture is high resolution and not blurry. Having your profile picture gives you more credibility. LinkedIn admits they rank profiles with no pictures lower during search or during ‘People You May Know’. 


2. Make sure your profile is complete


Fill out your bio completely by sharing the best achievements you did. Your interests and skills are very important when people skim through your profile. LinkedIn reports that a complete profile increases your chance to be found by at least 40%




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3. Get as many endorsements for skills/reputation


This means adding the skills that are most relevant to your company so that people viewing your profile can choose more willingly. Do some endorsing yourself, whether of colleagues or for people in similar industries.


4. Customize your public profile URL


This makes your company easier to find and boost your credibility as you have a better chance of being found. Above all it is a cleaner look that could indicate you’re detail-oriented.


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5. Build your network


Don’t be hesitant to reach out to individuals via direct search or through groups. Look at companies, business associates or colleagues and start the connection process, always personalize the message and do not use the generic format LinkedIn has to offer. The goal here is to connect with the right audience by being genuine.



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6. Engage consistently with connections


Be active in the various groups that are either your niche or your target audience. Share relevant contents that are engaging. One of the benefits of LinkedIn is that it will show you if you have some things in common with your contacts, which can be a conversation starter.


7. Join select groups


Locate and join groups related to your company and participate in conversations. Don’t be shy; one of the goals is to cultivate a business relationship. LinkedIn groups are managed by individuals or companies. Make sure to read their goal and rules of the group. Sometimes, they do not encourage content even if it remotely looks promotional.


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8. Share valued contents


The key here is to share information that is relevant to a group discussion or that has a stimulating angle. Your content will be more interesting if it has a video or image. Try not to just post info just for the sake of posting, keep in mind LinkedIn members want more insightful and informative updates.



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9. It’s worth using LinkedIn services


Send messages directly to prospects by utilizing their updated search feature, which is at the top of the LinkedIn page. Take advantage of their targeted updates meaning you can opt to share an update to ‘all followers’ or to a ‘targeted audience’.


10. Be active on LinkedIn


This is profound; maintain your page by updating frequently any changes or developments within your company. You should be updating your status at least once a day. Participate in groups and do not be afraid to own one of the conversations.


To conclude, LinkedIn is a very powerful social platform to market your business. Use it as your tool; promote your page with interesting articles. Most importantly, be authentic and your audience will engage.



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