What is Advo.Ninja?

Advo.Ninja is a cloud based Employee Advocacy platform that helps include employees in corporate marketing. Employees spread the word by sharing their company’s articles and assets on their social networks.

Employee Advocacy has two fold challenge in implementing the process within enterprises. The first fold is to educated employees on how it brings value to both company and to their own social profiles. Many analysts including Gartner have suggested a step by step process how to Launch an Employee Advocacy Program.

The second fold of the challenge is in making the complete process as automated as possible in order not to disturb employee work hours. So, choosing the right tool that actually saves employees is crucial.



Advo.Ninja Modules

Advo.Ninja Employee Advocacy Social Publishing Social Analytics


1) Social Publishing

Scheduling and publishing posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at the same time and when the audience is most active.

2) Employee Advocacy

Including employees in a controlled omni-channel marketing activity that strengthens employee social profiles.

3) Social Analytics

Tracking every click and engagement from all the audience and mapping those activity to each employee contribution. A leaderboard helps reward employees for their participation.



How we Calculate Potential Social Reach

Potential social reach that can be achieved by Employee Advocacy program is calculated as,

Potential Social Reach (with 100% employee participation) = Total Employees * Average Facebook Friends * Average Twitter Followers * Average LinkedIn Connections


Based on 2015 social media statics survey,

Potential Social Reach = Total Employees * 300 * 208 * 393

We factor in non-socially savvy employees. 78% of US population is Socially active. We also account for 20% connection overlaps if multiple employees are reaching out for the same audience. So, we calculate realistic social reach for all our customers as, 


Realistic Social Reach = Potential Social Reach * 78% Participation * (100-20)% of connections


Calculate your social reach now



Analyst and Influencer Thoughts on Employee Advocacy


Social engagement at work that enables employees to connect and collaborate can be a powerful force that elevates the wider organization.

Employee advocates emerge from empowered workforce


They can amplify social marketing and sales efforts while improving employee engagement.


Start with employees to find brand ambassadors

Neal Schaffer of Social Tools Summit 

Launching an employee advocacy program becomes a culture-changing activity that will help companies become social businesses

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