How is Advocate Marketing different from Social Listening and Publishing

Advocate Marketing, Social Listening and Publishing


Advocate Marketing, Social Listening and Publishing are common terminologies used in digital marketing. Advocate Marketing helps you reach new audience, build brand awareness and generate leads. A combination of Social Listening and Social Publishing help engage your audience. Using all these marketing techniques in conjunction with each other will provide immense value.


Advocate Marketing



Advocate Marketing, Social Listening and Publishing

Advocate Marketing is increasingly becoming popular in all types and sizes of businesses. Advocates are friends of business that are part of company’s success and proud to spread the word about your product or company. Employees, happy customers, partners, industry evangelists and investors usually are your best advocates. They are usually not paid to publish content on your behalf, however they can be rewarded.

Social media has become the best means of spreading company messages with advocates’ networks with a personal touch. It offers mutual benefits among,


1. Target audience who can learn about your business from their own network. 92% of people trust recommendations from people they know.


2. Advocates who get to demonstrate their thought leadership using quality content.


3. Companies get to ace digital word of mouth by preferred advocates, reaching new audience everyday. (Remember, your advocates’ networks grow everyday).


Advocate Marketing is a very superior method of marketing that reaches high quality audience as opposed to sponsored ads.



Social Listening




As the name says, Social Listening is monitoring social feedback of your company and brand. Basically, collecting social activity around company-generated content and beyond to analyze brand reputation. This helps companies communicate with their audience. It can even be extended to observe competitors’ social reputation.


Only social listening will not complete the loop, participating in those conversations is key to make sure your audience hear your voice. Note that often times, forums have strict rules on promoting products and consider these comments as “ads” or “corporate speak”.


Keep in mind, social listening tools provide feedback based on keywords and phrases you choose. This by itself may create a limitation. If you choose a narrow keyword, you may not gather enough feedback and if you choose a very broad keyword, the results may not be focused.



Social Publishing






Social Publishing is finding great content, scheduling and publishing at a preferred time. This is very critical part of content marketing. But, publishing great content alone is not sufficient. It should be used in conjunction with Advocate Marketing.





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