Ask 10 Questions Before Defining Social Media Strategy

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Social media marketing is a game changer. Organizations throughout the world are finding ways to utilize social media to grow and succeed their businesses. According to a research, 92% of online marketers observed their social media strategy has truly contributed in brandawareness and web traffic. So, having a strategy is crucial.


Whether you are redefining an existing social media strategy or starting a plan from scratch, it is obvious that you’ll have many questions. Taking a moment to evaluate them can be a really valuable exercise. Here, I have put together some important questions that help define your social media strategy and execute the plan successfully.


1. What are my goals and objectives?

Goal setting is roadmap to success. You need to establish solid goals before deciding to implement or create social media strategy. Focus on the primary goals like:

Do I want reach more audiences for (limited time) promotional offer?

Do I want to increase brand awareness throughout the year through social networks? 

Do I want to boost my webinar signups? 

When it comes to goal setting, I recommend using the S.M.A.R.T methodology. This is one the best checklists to make sure your goals are complete.







2. Who is my target audience, market or persona?

The most crucial step while planning social media strategy is to know your target audience. Developing personas and matching them to social profiles should be one of the first tasks. Ask these questions,

Which social networks do my audiences hang out? When they do their research, where do they look for information?

Which time zone they are on?

What time of the day your audiences be looking for products like yours? For example, if it’s a personal consumer product/service choose to reach out after business hours.

Content strategy should align with these personas and their behaviors. (See Plan for Social Distribution before Creating Content).


3. How can I represent the brand accurately on social networks?

Your brand’s voice includes everything from the way you communicate with your social communities to the images and videos you post. People that post your content also contributes toward social media branding. (See Who can represent my brand? ). So, carefully choose these details that make huge impact on brand perception.


4. How can I address customers’ pain points?

By the time you start with social marketing, most probably customer pain points are well defined for you product or service. If so, make sure you address them in your content frequently. ‘Tips and tricks’ always get attention from audiences.


5. What types of content should I post on which social platform?

Whether it is a video, image, text or audio – you need to determine which type of content your customers want to see. How will you convey? What message will it deliver? Twitter needs crisp and catchy phrases to get attention while LinkeIn requires tagging right people and more details of the content before viewing them.


6. Who should own and maintain social media accounts?

When it comes to developing social media marketing strategy, it is good to think about roles and responsibilities of all team members. You need to clearly define who will engage, manage and monitor the accounts. It is a simple task that can be done easily, but very critical to define owners.


Content development is only the beginning of content marketing strategy, content distribution is key in actually reaching audiences and making big leaps in marketing ROI.

See How to Create and Kickstart Facebook Page

See How to Effectively Create and Manage LinkedIn Page for Business

See How to Create and Manage Twitter Business Page


7. Do sponsored ads make sense for my business?

Another important fact to remember is social media marketing can be very economical if you do it right. Utilize free tools and already existing resources like employee and executive networks to spread the word. It helps demonstrate strong thought leadership. (See 3 Strategic Ways to Demonstrate Thought Leadership)


Sponsored ads may or may not work for your audiences. They usually work when the product is simple to understand and address a well known problem in the market. If you are addreassing a niche market, reaching them through your network is your best bet.


Learn How to Increase Your Reach



8. How often should I post on social networks?

Though there are several analyses done by various analysts, there is no rule of thumb that works for all. You can take inspiration from the following set of figures that works for me.

At least 4 times a day on pinterest

Once a day on Google+

8 to 24 times a day on Twitter (See Best Time to Tweet? )

Once in a day on Instagram

2- 4 times a day on Facebook


9. How to Measure the Success and ROI of Social Media Strategy?

One of the pleasant things about social media marketing is that everything is measurable. You can analyze performance of your posts, you can review other insights such as audience perspective, determine user engagement and also benchmark the results. There are many tools to measure these.


10. What are the most important metrics to measure?

Marketing teams are often considered cost centers that makes showing ROI very crucial. Social media provides various types of metrics that shows value gained by marketing investment. Some of the metrics are,

  • Followers to company page
  • Impressions to content
  • Clicks to website/landing page
  • User interaction (likes, comments, shares)



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