Can I Backdate my Posts?

Backdating Posts is OK when you missed that announcement!


In the financial world, backdating anything is illegal, which makes backdating an article sounds odd. However, in the blogging world a few apps let you backdate your articles.





wordpress scheduling


WordPress articles that you publish to your website can be scheduled to publish in the future as well as backdated. However, you must ask yourself the reason to backdate an article. Search engines will not value articles based on the date it got published, but the content of the blog itself.





Facebook posting on a page


Facebook will let you backdate your post up to a month. This is allowed only for pages, not for individual profile updates. You can also schedule posts in the future.



LinkedIn and Twitter


LinkedIn and Twitter will not allow you to backdate posts, however, you can delete posts in case they were made by mistake.

You can schedule articles to post in the future on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter using Advo.Ninja. The scheduling includes both posts on pages and on individual profiles. For example, a marketer can schedule posts for the company page and on his/her profile at the same time. You can also schedule all your advocates’ posts using this.

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