Do you BBB – Blog Before Breakfast?

efficient blogging and publishing on the right time

When you blog regularly, one question always comes to mind: when is the best time to blog? Content is the best way to show your thought leadership, share your knowledge with your community, and provide true value to your audience.

In order to do so, you need to blog as often as every day.  If you write your own blogs as opposed to outsourcing, set some rules for yourself to get this done efficiently.


Best Time to Blog?


There is no single time that would be the most efficient for everyone.  It depends on when you can accommodate a quiet 30mins in a day. For most this is generally early in the morning before breakfast. This is similar to exercising early in the morning because there are uncertainties to our schedules throughout the day.


Best Time to Publish is Morning


The best time to publish is definitely in the morning. Many social media and content marketing statistics indicate that people spend time reading in the morning as opposed to during the business hours.

If you are a night owl or get some time to blog only after kids go to bed then publish your blog in the morning instead of publishing it at night.


Schedule blog posts to maximize impressions


Schedule Posts Now!



These are a few tips to make your daily blogging more efficient


Jot-down Blog Topics as Questions Come to Your Mind


When a question comes to your mind, note it down immediately. That could become a topic for your blog.  If you are looking for an answer, there is a high probability your audience will be looking for answers to similar topics.


Write Quick Notes on Every Topic Before Elaborating


Take some time during the week to fill out your thoughts on those topics you collected. A few sentences should be sufficient for you to get started each morning and complete a blog quickly.


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