Best Time to Tweet?

What is the best time to tweet?

Is there a Best Time to Tweet?


Twitter is truly international when it comes to receiving eyeballs on your content. Businesses that create Facebook and LinkedIn pages usually have geographical targets but Twitter does not even make it an option to choose a geography when you create a page or a profile, emphasizing there are no timezone boundaries. So, choosing a time to Tweet may get tricky.


There are several research studies conducted in order to narrow down the best time to tweet. However, no concrete results were obtained. So, here are my suggestions.


1. Put Yourself into Your Audience’s Shoes


Choose a time your audience may spend time on social media. Tweeting before lunch or dinner is the best time for not only restaurant businesses but also for any business. Because, you audience will open up their social media around that time.

If your audience are corporate employees then make sure you work around their business hours. If your audience are consumers of your product or service, you will do better during weekends.



2. Remember Carpool Lane Hours


Another time your audience may view tweets is commute time. So, between 5-9am and  3-7 PM. Anytime after 8pm is another time slot to watch whether you audience response better during that time.






3. Tweet Multiple Times a Day


The key is to Tweet multiple times a day to cover various time zones and life styles of your audiences. Twitter, unlike Facebook and LinkedIn allows to post the same content multiple times. LinkedIn and Facebook will consider posting same content as duplicate if posted within 12 – 24Hrs.

So, schedule Tweets on a regular basis to cover all your audiences.


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