Buying Followers Will Not Work. Why?

fake social media followers

Buying followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social network has raised many questions including ethics. There are several products and services built around buying and selling followers. See How Facebook Likes get Bought and Sold.


1. Ask Yourself – ‘Why Do I Want Followers If They Are Not Genuine?’


The more followers you have, the more followers will come must be the thinking behind buying followers. However, fake followers do not provide any value to your business. In the process of earning true followers, you will start to understand your own audience, which helps your business. In terms of fake followers, you will lose that opportunity to understand your audience.



2. True Gollowers Get Lost in Fake Follower Ocean


Another harm it may cause is your true followers will get lost in the ocean of fake followers. You cannot hear your true audience’s voices, behaviors, or cater to them accurately. For example, you may get likes on a post from fake followers, in which case you cannot determine whether your content was beneficial to your true audience or not.



3. Buying Followers Cause Loss of Reputation


When you try to appear more popular than you actually are in a short span of time, your true audience will notice that. You will lose integrity and reputation.




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