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Ask 10 Questions Before Defining Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing is a game changer. Organizations throughout the world are finding ways to utilize social media to grow and succeed their businesses. According to a research, 92% of online marketers observed their social media strategy has truly contributed … Read More

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Ultimate List of Digital Marketing Statistics

  Digital marketing statistics are very important for online marketers. Not only they allow us to benchmark our performance against the competitors, but also enable us to review the latest digital patterns and adapt the necessary changes. So, are you … Read More

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Social Media Marketing in India

There is a huge scope of social media marketing in India since the vast majority of people are now active on different social platforms. A number of companies have switched their efforts from traditional marketing to digital marketing in order … Read More

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What’s Wrong With Sponsored Ads?

It’s common to encounter sponsored ads while you are browsing the Facebook timeline or searching something from google. The sponsored ads provide advertisers more ways to reach different audiences, increase their followers, drive traffic and do business. It is a … Read More

What is Advo.Ninja?

Advo.Ninja is a cloud based Employee Advocacy platform that helps include employees in corporate marketing. Employees spread the word by sharing their company’s articles and assets on their social networks. Employee Advocacy has two fold challenge in implementing the process … Read More

Pinterest is not a social network. What do you think?  

  Pinterest’s CEO Ben Silbermann publicly said Pinterest is not a social network. He defines it as a “catalog of ideas”. On social network, users upload pictures for others to look at but this network is trying to self-serve every user … Read More

Are Landing Pages dead in this era of Social Media Marketing?

Wikipedia defines Landing Pages as “A landing page, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement“.  These pages are relevant even today in this era of social media. They are created to convey … Read More

Sites with Free Images, Prototypes and more

There are many free image providers. Usually they will have a database of free images and they have affiliations with a paid images website. The ones that charge money for photos have a few popular pricing models such as a monthly fee … Read More

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What Should be Your Social Media Marketing budget?

Social Media marketing budget started to appear in every marketing budget in the last 5 to 6 years. The latest surveys show social media marketing budget to be about 10% of total marketing budget. This number  increases every year.   … Read More

FAQs – LinkedIn Page for Businesses

These are some of the commonly asked questions while creating and maintaining LinkedIn Page for businesses.   1. Why do I want to create a LinkedIn Page?   Having a presence on a widely popular professional social network is crucial for … Read More

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Do you BBB – Blog Before Breakfast?

When you blog regularly, one question always comes to mind: when is the best time to blog? Content is the best way to show your thought leadership, share your knowledge with your community, and provide true value to your audience. … Read More

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How to Crowdsource Blogging?

Have you thought about crowdsource blogging? You may agree blogs are the best channels to publish company messages, demonstrate thought leadership, and provide valuable content to your audience. Once you start generating great content, start sharing them on social media to immensely increase … Read More

What is Advocate Marketing? 

What is Advocate Marketing?   Advocate marketing is defined as skill and talent of recognizing and spotting the highest potential customers, employees with strong netwoks and target audience, nurture their potential in your business and motivate them to preach positively … Read More

Who are Marketing Ninjas and How Can They Help You? 

  Whether you sell consumer goods or in B2B business, social media marketing is crucial! 72% of all Internet users are now active on social media, making it the most valuable marketing platform ever. As a marketer, you create content (blogs, … Read More

Social Media Marketing for One-Man-Team, it’s OK to cheat !

One-Man Social Media Team?   Are you a one-man social media marketing team? I bet, you are spread too thin to execute all the marketing ideas you have. It’s OK to cheat a little. The flowing tips will help reduce … Read More

Winery Marketing – 5 Burning Questions Answered!

Wine usually get sold based on trials, tasting and recommendations. Social media is your digital word-of-mouth platform. So, use it liberally to reach your audience. It’s free if you use it right!   Is Winery Marketing Regulated?    If you … Read More

3 Strategic Ways to Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Demonstrate Thought Leadership Every Step of Marketing   Demonstrating Thought Leadership is the most effective modern day marketing for any type of business. When a company can detach itself from promoting its individual products and starts addressing industry level topics, … Read More

Social Media for Interior Designers

Social Media for Interior Designers Checklist   Traditionally, word-of-mouth has been one of the successful marketing strategies for Interior Designers. This has turned into viral marketing in this social media era. Houzz and pinterest have been great platforms to post your pictures and attract your … Read More

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses, a 3-in 1 Technique

If you are a small business owner, I bet you would be wearing multiple hats everyday. Social Media is a boon to those that do not have much time or the budget, on their hands to work on traditional marketing. … Read More

5 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Social Media for Restaurants   Social media marketing is economical (if done correctly) and proven to be extremely successful for consumer markets. Building social communities and constantly engaging them is very crucial for restaurant businesses. I am listing down very … Read More

Social Media Marketing for Big Companies, an Inside-Out Strategy

Social Media Marketing for Big Companies   Big companies usually have great brand recognition, yet, they all continue to do marketing and invest in branding. Traditionally, big companies have invested heavily in conferences, presentations, hosting dinners, etc; however, social media … Read More

Plan Your Social Content Distribution, Before You Create One!

Social Content Distribution   87% of B2B marketers use social media as their primary content distribution channel based on marketing surveys. So, whether it is a consumer product or a B2B product, social media marketing is crucial! 72% of all internet users are … Read More

Like Vs Share!

Marketers should focus on getting Likes or Shares?   Whether your social content is being Shared or Liked depends on the content itself. For example, if you post a kitten picture, that is a Like. But, if you post a video … Read More