How to Create and Manage Twitter Business Page

Create and Manage Twitter Business Page


Twitter is neck and neck in leading with the fastest and most successful social medial networks in the world today. Unlike other social media networks, Twitter is short, precise, to the point and can easily integrate related photos, tiny URL links to connect to associated web pages. The following are a few tips when you create a Twitter page for your company and tips to manage it.


1. Upload Pictures with Right Dimension





Updating your profile picture on twitter is essential to create a constant public forward image. Since your profile picture is going to be with every post and tweet, and thus an impactful image is essential. Companies choose to add their logos on the profile picture, however you can get creative on the header picture. Keep it interesting and update them periodically.



2. Customize Twitter Page


Twitter is great when it comes to branding. It allows you to customize the way the page looks and add color to your twitter profile page and also provides space to add more information about your business. This includes adding links to URL of the actual website, related Facebook pages, access to Instagram feeds and more. By adding an element of more resources to access your business it provides a more sound impression and allows your business to progress further. It even helps in social media marketing.



3. Get Organized by Using Twitter Lists


Twitter firstly allows organizing who you follow into lists. This includes, customers, other related businesses, peers, suppliers, competitors. If you don’t organize yourself right from the beginning the huge numbers of followers will become messed up and will be harder to respond and communicate with the required target audience.

The second kind of list that is quite great for communicating is to follow the people that inspire you and who you wish to somehow integrate into your public page to inspire your followers. You can create a private conversation list will allow you to access their tweets, but your posts will still be public regardless of who you direct them too.


4. Write Clear Bio that Includes Motto



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Write the Twitter bio in a way that exemplifies what your motto is. The Twitter profile bio needs to be able to tell people what you do, how you are helping people and show your personality in a few words. This will tell your potential customers and target audiences what benefit you are providing them and how they can connect to you.

Being on Twitter and having people follow you and following them back creates a decent communication channel. You need to look for replies to your tweets, and direct messages to respond to your followers and look at the mentions involved. You can even search for your business name by checking for people who mention it by creating a search and save it for the business name.


5. Publicize Twitter Page


Publicizing your Twitter page on other social media networks and providing the follow link is a great way to expand your target audience. And lastly it is important to follow your customers back. This will allow them to believe in an open line of conversation and allow them to promote your business and keep in touch by mentioning you and your services in their Twitter posts.


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