How to Crowdsource Blogging?

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Have you thought about crowdsource blogging? You may agree blogs are the best channels to publish company messages, demonstrate thought leadership, and provide valuable content to your audience. Once you start generating great content, start sharing them on social media to immensely increase your traction.


As you may know, blogging is very time consuming (See tips on writing effective blogs). Most companies do not hire bloggers. So, blogging, which falls under content marketing, becomes part of marketing teams’ responsibilities in most of the companies. How can you utilize internal resources to help content creation?


Crowdsource Blogging using Already Available Resources


Ask all Employees to Write Blogs


content marketing and social media marketing


You have a tremendous amount of talent within the company. Do not look to outsource this job. Instead, inspire your employees who know your business deeply to write blogs. To ensure the best content, help them in editing and make sure these blogs align with corporate goals. Here are some sample topics you can suggest to various departments of your company.


Engineers – cool technical tips, how they achieved great architecture, killer engineering process that make your company more efficient in building products.


Sales Engineers or Customer Support – a story about how they helped a customer (without revealing the customer’s name or any confidential details).


Event Organizers – Company events, such as conferences you attend or sponsor, are very strategic to your business. Writing about these events is a great way to attract your audience for future events.



The advantages of including employees in blogging are,

1. Covering broad areas of topics

Usually in companies, marketers or product managers handle blogging. If you are a small startup, founders and CXOs may blog to convey specific messages. However, there still is a wide variety of talent within the company. Each one of them will bring different perspective to the product or solution you are selling.


2. Inclusion improves employee morale and brand ownership

When you engage employees in messaging and thought leadership they feel more connected to the business as opposed to getting pigeonholed in their daily responsibilities. Improve employee morale and brand ownership by asking them to participate in such activities.


3. Consistent messaging and high quality content

When you produce content in house, it becomes easy to manage messaging. Employees already understand the business industry and also have passion for their jobs. This makes it much easier to produce high quality content and makes them more likely to align with corporate messaging. Outsourcing content generation gets harder if your product or solution is complex for an outside blogger to understand.


Have a Blog Calendar and Implement Rinse-Repeat



blog calendar


Make sure you formalize this program so that everyone in the company participates fairly. If you are a company that is less than 100 employees, I suggest you include almost every employee. Make sure this is a round-robin where everyone gets a chance to blog once a month or quarter, depending on the number of employees. If you are a large organization, choose a handful of people from each department to participate in this effort. You can apply round-robin in this case as well. However, make sure you have a manageable number of people in this group.


You can implement a similar crowdsourcing tactic to spread the message as well. Utilize invaluable social networks of your employees to spread the message and go viral.


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