3 Strategic Ways to Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Demonstrate Thought Leadership Every Step of Marketing


Demonstrating Thought Leadership is the most effective modern day marketing for any type of business. When a company can detach itself from promoting its individual products and starts addressing industry level topics, then, it becomes a true leader.

By now, I bet, most marketers have understood that social media is the best channel to demonstrate Thought Leadership. So, use these strategies in your social media marketing to ace Thought Leadership.


1) Identify and Articulate Industry Problems


Agreed, that your product or organization is focused on solving a single problem for a specific set of audience. Your company would become a leader in its space, if you can identify broader, industry wide problems. Your company need not solve all of them immediately. Identifying, deeply understanding and articulating the problems, is always the hardest first step in solving problems. If you nail this first step, it also means, you are setting next progressive steps in your marketplace.



2) Become Your Audiences’ Spokesperson


Answering your audience’s questions in forums, tweets etc., is the primary step in showing leadership. The next step is to deeply understand their needs and share them with audience with similar interests. This makes your company, a spokesperson for that industry.



3) Think Beyond the Obvious


Put yourselves in your targets’ shoes to understand what makes their lives simpler. Very frequently, provide tips and tricks that they can apply in their daily jobs – believe me, it can get addictive! You can build and lead a strong community with such knowledge sharing.
Slingshot Power, a Solar company is not only focused on selling solar panels, but, is taking a broader approach to embrace and promote green technology, by partnering with other local communities. They provide valuable tips to make your lives greener.


Execution Tip of the day – use social media liberally and don’t forget to plan for social distribution, before creating content.


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