Quotes from just a few of our many happy customers.

Beverley Bird, Director @ Current, Powered by GE

Advo.Ninja allows me to reach more people through social media. It’s easy to schedule posts and customize them based on the needs of different channels, plus it features useful reports. I replaced a well-known social media-publishing platform with Advo.Ninja and haven’t looked back!

Satish Raghunath, Co-Founder @ Twin Prime, Inc.

With Advo.Ninja, we are able to optimize Twin Prime’s social marketing. Our employees are able to make an impact in growing the business by spreading our messages effortlessly on their social networks. Our marketing team is saving immense amount of time and effort in reaching new audience everyday while ensuring consistent brand messaging.

Laura Mather, Founder and CEO @ Unitive, Inc.

“Advo.Ninja’s social platform made it extremely simple for us to utilize invaluable social networks of our employees and advocates in spreading Unitive’s messages. We have been very successful in reaching our audience, educating them and spreading our thoughts with much less hassle than how we used to send emails.”

Sujatha Kashyap, VP Product @ Robin Systems

“We were able to quickly see Advo.Ninja’s tremendous value in boosting our social posts. Our employees and board members proudly participate in company’s social thought leadership.”

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