Ultimate List of Digital Marketing Statistics

digital marketing statistics


Digital marketing statistics are very important for online marketers. Not only they allow us to benchmark our performance against the competitors, but also enable us to review the latest digital patterns and adapt the necessary changes. So, are you looking for the latest digital marketing trends or stats? We have got you covered!


General Marketing Stats


To help create great customer experience, marketers are investing more heavily in the tool. (kapost, 2015)


$27.6 billion are forecasted by marketers to spend on display advertising. (Source: Webstrategies)


Emails and website are still the most popular channels among the majority of marketers, followed by organic search, social media and webinars.(Source: kapost)


Only 23% of B2B marketers claim to have a product centric or customer centric organizational structure. (Source: kapost)


According to the case studies, integrated customer journeys provide a competitive advantage, in some cases it holds enough potential to double the sales year over year. (Source: kapost)


Inbound marketing proved to generate more leads up to 54% into the marketing funnel as compared to the outbound marketing. (Source: HubSpot)


In the overall cost, inbound tactics save an average of 13% per lead. (Source: HubSpot)


For every new customer acquired, brands relying on inbound marketing save over $14. (Source: HubSpot)


1,140 – 1,285 is the average word count of top ranking content in the google. (Source: Content marketing institute)


The most important marketing tactics for B2B businesses are: white papers and videos, case studies, webcasts or webinars and in person events. (Source: Content marketing institute)


39% of the marketers believe that more of their budget should be used in the creation or acquisition of compelling visual assets.  (Source: CMO Council)


Just 27% of businesses have a process in place to manage, organize and aggregate the visual content that’s being utilized across their marketing staff. (Source: CMO council)


46% of marketers believe that photography is important to their storytelling strategies and for the current marketing (Source: CMO Council)


In 2016, 10% growth in the internet advertising will be observed. (Source: Usabilla)


Personalized product sales will be increased by 45%. (Source: Usabilla)


As compared to the random ads, 41% of customers interact with targeted ads at their interests. (Source: Usabilla)


75% digital marketers believe that face to face events are the most effective marketing tool. (Source: Usabilla)


Effective digital marketing requires strategic efficacy, tactical proficiency and financial support. However, it is believed that, lack of these requirements are the most significant barriers to success. (Source: Ascends)


12% of the companies rate their digital marketing strategy as “very successful” in attaining their critical goals, whereas 81%  rate it “as successful”. (Source: Ascends)


49% of companies describe their digital marketing programs as “some what superior”  while 10% of them rate it as best-in class in comparison to their competitors. (Source: Ascends)


43% of the brands do not use reactivation campaign to inactive subscribers or reengage lapsed subscribers. Whereas 22% of the brands do not implement a welcome campaign to engage the new subscribers.


Marketing Automation Statistics


A 451% of increase will be seen in qualified leads that use marketing automation to nurture their prospects. (Source: The Annuitas Group)


64% of CMOs have either no or an informal process to manage their marketing automation. (Source: The Annuitas Group)


Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more leads. (Source: Forrester research)


Non-nurtured leads makes a 47% low purchase than nurtured leads. (Source: Forrester research)


With marketing automation, Gartner estimates a 15% savings on creative production. (Source: Gartner research)


89% of marketers said email was their primary channel for lead generation. (Source: Forrester research)


Personalized emails improve conversion rates by 10% and click through rates by 14%. (Source: Aberdeen group).


Video Marketing Statistics


Any business that uses video will likely to enjoy 41% more leads from search than non users.


Apart from text and images combines, social videos generate 1200% more shares. (Source: Adelie studios)


77% of consumers said that they have been influenced to purchase a service or product by watching a video. (Source: Wyzowl)


88% of companies say that video is a critical component of their marketing process. (Source: Wyzowl)


67% of businesses believe that they decided to spend more on video in 2017. (Source: Wyzowl)


2017 will be video based and 74% of online traffic will be generated from just videos. (Source: Usabilla)


Social Media Marketing Statistics


LinkedIn is an effective social media channel, believed by 66% of companies. (Source: Content marketing institute).


B2B marketers on average use 6 various social media channels to share their marketing content, the top 4 being YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Source: Pew research center)


LinkedIn is used by 94% of B2B marketers to distribute content. (Source: Content marketing institution)


93% of companies use social media content as their important content marketing technique. (Source: Content marketing institution)


Visual assets have been used by 71% of marketers in their social media marketing strategies. (Source: Content marketing institution)


41% of teens use Snapchat and 52% of them use Instagram everyday. (Source: pew research center)


44% of online women use Pinterest as compared with online men users. It mans that women is dominating the Pinterest. (Source: Pew research center)


Blog has been observed as a positive tool for increasing ROI. (Source: HubSpot)


70% of people trust brand or product recommendations from friends or family while 15% consumers trust posts from brands in social. (Source: Kapost)


Marketers believe brands that create 15 or more blog posts per month will generate 1200 new leads on average. (Source: HubSpot)


83% of marketers believe that mobile is the important tool to contribute in overall social media marketing. (Source: e-strategy trends).

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