How to Effectively Create and Manage LinkedIn Page for a Business


Create and Manage LinkedIn Page


Over three million companies currently have LinkedIn pages and thus provide a great frontier to show all the products and services provided by companies and allow content to be visible to everyone to increase and expand business.

The ways to effectively create and manage a LinkedIn page are simple and straightforward.


1. Have a Business Email Address


You need to have a company email address in order to create a company page. Unlike Facebook that allows you to create a page for a corporation, cause or other reasons, LinkedIn pages are usually created for corporations only. So, they require you to confirm your company email address before you can create a page.


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2. Complete the Company Profile


The initial thing to do is to make sure you create a complete company profile. Keep it short and crisp. For example, Bank of America is a such a large business with many products and services to mention. Their profile page is short and crisp.


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Ideal image sizes are as follows.

  • Banner image – Minimum 646×220 pixels, PNG/JPEG/GIF format, Maximum 2 MB, landscape layout, image should be wider rather than taller.
  • Logo – Minimum 300 x 300 pixels, 400 x 400 pixels is the recommended size PNG/JPEG/GIF format, Maximum 4 MB, square layout.



3. Do A/B Testing on Followers and Content


When you post content, instead of sharing with all your followers try to do an A/B testing. This will help you to understand your audience well. For example, if your product is solar sensitive windows, you can share posts with large construction companies by choosing company size. And post a different content for audience that work for smaller companies. This would give you a great feedback on where to focus your efforts in future.


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Another way to do A/B testing is by posting different kinds of content. Post a wide variety of contents including videos, blogs, quotes or industry news. Review and analyze what type of content produces more impressions.


4. Create a Showcase Page


A showcase page is created if you want to highlight a single product or part of your organization. For example, Cisco has two showcase pages for different businesses with different audience.


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When someone searches for your company on LinkedIn both the company page and the showcase case get rendered. This will help your audience choose what to focus on.


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5. Share LinkedIn Page on Other Social Networks


Once you create your company page, building followers is the next step. Cross promote your LinkedIn page with other social networking websites.  Adding a URL link in the about page on Facebook, or incorporating a tiny URL connecting to the LinkedIn page on the Tweets are a great way to promote your LinkedIn page.


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6. Post and Share


It is important to be regular in updates and posts on your page thus showing your followers that you add value to their lives everyday. Sharing content with your employees and asking them to re-post is crucial. This becomes a way to communicate with you employees and also through them to the consumer base.



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