Sites with Free Images, Prototypes and more

There are many free image providers. Usually they will have a database of free images and they have affiliations with a paid images website. The ones that charge money for photos have a few popular pricing models such as a monthly fee with a different number of photos options or fees per photo.

For those paid websites, I suggest to plan your content ahead so you will have an idea of types of images you need. After planning, pay for a single month’s subscription with unlimited images. You should be able to download and use those images for a few months.



Free Images


FreeImages have many good free images with over 10 different categories to choose from. However, a large set of the images are from iStock. So, when you search for images make sure you choose the free images option if you are truly looking for free images. Otherwise, you can choose the right image you need and either pay or get it for free based on the availability.


free images




Pixabay is another great website that offers a wide variety of free images. This website also has an affiliation with iStock for paid images. However, there are plenty of very high quality images available for free download.


pixabay free images has a very wide range of free images. They record the number of views, favorites, and downloads per picture, which provides a great way to know how popular the images are. You can decide whether you want to use the image that is already downloaded hundreds and thousands of times or something that is very sparingly used. free images


New Old Stock


New Old Stock is has plenty of vintage images. They are free of copyright restrictions.


new old stock




If you are looking to highlight your screenshots, you can capture and upload them to PlaceIt‘s iPhone, Mac, or laptop mockup. With such images you can convey:

  1. whether your application is a mobile app, a web app, or both
  2. a way for your audience to visualize how to use your product
  3. who could be your target audience. For example, whether your product targets professionals, consumers or children.


placeit images for iPhone mockups




marvel helps you build prototypes for your mobile and web apps. There is a free version, which is very helpful.



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