Hello Executives, Personal Branding is NO Longer an Option !

You are the face of your company. You set the tone, mission and vision for the entire organization. Today, personal and professional lives are merging, so as business and personal branding. Personal branding continues even after your engagement with a company ends. So, connecting with your followers ensures they travel with you.


Branding coaches usually work on defining personal brand that address how to engage internal employees and external audiences. But it is challenging to continue branding efforts on a regular basis. For example, when your team went through a management training, the trainer leaves behind a process and/or a tool in order to continue the efforts. So, why don’t executive coaches leave bhind a process or a tool for sustaining branding!


Social Network’ Role in Executive Branding


Social networks are the strongest lever to connect and engage your followers. First of all, start a social account if you don’t have one. Remember, if you start one, you cannot stop. Your followers sign up to consume your content – want to know you better, your interests and initiatives. So, Content should be a combination of these topics. 


10 Best Personal Branding Practices on LinkedIn




Industry News & Opinion: Over 60% of LinkedIn users look for industry news in their feed. It’s important to provide your opinion and share knowledge about your ecosystem.  


Latest Innovations: New innovation that exite you and you are investing in. 


Personality: List out what people like about you, learn from you and respect you for. Your audience will also like to hear those from you.


Personal Branding Strategy in 10 Steps

On-going Execution is Challenging


Creating and posting on your own in your super busy schedule is difficult. Yes, Tweet a day is hard. So, approach your marketing team or personal coach to strategize your branding content and let them reflect on your voice.


I have heard from executives that they don’t have the time nor they want to share their accounts with thier teams. So, we (Advo.Ninja) are working on a tool that solves these problems. 


Please share your thoughts and specific needs. It’s very valuable to me. 


Personal branding is a powerful leadership enabler! 


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