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Calculate your social reach


  Schedule posts when audience is active

Feed company PR or blogs into Advo.Ninja for automated postings to   and for maximum engagement


   Include employees in social marketing

Notify employees about company news and empower them to easily share content with their networks


   Monitor growth in real-time

Track every visit, top performing posts, best social network for your business and much more


   Reward employees for participation

Thank employees for their contribution based on leaderboard



Advo.Ninja allows me to reach more people through social media. It’s easy to schedule posts and customize them

Demand Generation Director @ Daintree Networks, GE



Advo.Ninja’s social platform made it extremely simple for us to utilize invaluable social networks of our employees and advocates ..

CEO @ Univite, Inc



We were able to quickly see Advo.Ninja’s tremendous value in boosting our social posts. Our employees and board members proudly participate …

VP Product @ Robin Systems