How Do I Write Effective Blogs?

How Do I Write Effective Blogs?


If you have established audience, you tend to write about broad topics such as your vision or thoughts on a market segment. But, if you are not there yet and still working on building your audience, start by writing answers to specific questions people are looking for.


Does Title Length Matter?


If you are an influencer and your audience know your style then stick to short titles with less than 50 characters. For example, Working joyfully, this blog does not focus on keywords in titles or making its goal very clear. However, this is written by an influencer that has hundreds of thousands of followers. So, by now her audience either already know her style or ready to read this blog anyway.


If you are still working your way to become an influencer, it is better to make sure your title conveys the blog goal completely. For example, Social Media Marketing for Big Companies, an Inside-Out Strategy has a long title that is clearly stating its goal and has many keywords.


Takeaway: Convey blog goal clearly even if it takes more than 50 characters and include appropriate keywords



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What is Optimal Blog Length?


It depends on the topic. There is a rule of thumb that 300-500 word blog get most attention span from readers. But, if the topic demands supporting data, examples and quotes making it a long blog, don’t try cut short valuable details. Basically, main goal of blogs should be to convey a message, if it takes 100 words to explain it, go for it!


For example, this blog goes into the intricate details of how to find twitter followers. This will get attention of those readers that are trying to increase their twitter followers. The length of the blog will not make the reader stop reading after 500 words.


One tip for long blogs is to itemize takeaways to make the blog crisp. Readers usually cannot remember more than 3-4 takeaways per blog. So, stick to your top ones only. This blog provides 85 Tips and Strategies for Dining Out, making it hard to remember the top ones.


Takeaway: Try to keep in under 500, however if it needs to be longer to convey your message itemize your thoughts. 


How Many links to Include?


Adding at least one external and one internal link should be your goal. Links usually

  • show you have done your research
  • shows authority
  • become precursors to your other blogs (for internal links)

But, keep in mind

  • Not to link to articles those have contradicting opinions on your blog topic. This will only distract the user and not convey your ideas accurately.
  • Make sure you choose open link in new window in wordpress for external links, to make sure the reader can get back to reading your blog where he had stopped. For internal links, open in the same window to provide reader a chance to read your other blogs.


Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.25.26 PM


Takeaway: At the minimum, one internal and one external


What else Can I do to Make it More Engaging?


  1. Pictures, pictures and pictures. ‘Pictures convey a thousand words’. This blog on Sales Apps include several screenshots making it easy to read and follow instructions. Rule of thumb is reader should not be staring at all text at any point while reading your blog.
  2. Ask a simple question at the end of the blog encouraging your audience to interact. For example, what blog writing tips can you share? (In this blog, comments are switched off for a specific reason,).


Takeaway: Add pictures and a question at the end to provide opportunity to comment.



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