Important Instagram Marketing Strategies For B2B

We are all aware that various social media platforms perform differently for business based on industry, type and model. However, cross pollinating content on multiple platforms for maximum reach while utilizing each one of them effectively is key. With Instagram’s 600 million users as of April 2017 a company should carve out a way to connect with their target audience. Rather than a post filled with long text, which is more common on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram posts require more visual content.


According to Instagram statistics for business usage, there are 8 million registered businesses using Instagram. As of March 2017, over 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, called, emailed or messaged to learn more about a business based on an Instagram ad. 








Important Instagram Marketing Strategies for




Use Instagram to highlight your company values, culture and employees


People love a good story and tend to be loyal to a brand when they feel connected. You can build this connection by posting about your company like

  • announcing a new employee
  • congratulating someone on a promotion
  • showing any volunteering & or community involvement
  • highlights of a company event.


Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words.



Instagram Nike company page


Connect with your customers 


You content itself should connect with audineces, however, some of these tips will enhance engagement.


  • Choose randomly one of your followers and @mention them. This creates a curiosity and competition among your customers to be mentioned. For example, in this Nike post, Roger Federer is mentioned. You can choose either an influencer or any random follower. 
  • Use already trending hashtags and also those that are relevant to your post and brand.


See how Nike always hashtags itself #JustDoIt




 Important Instagram Marketing Strategies For B2B
nike instagram hashtag


Host a contest


Hosting a contest on Instagram is much more effective than other social networks. Instagram users tend to add pictures easily compared to other channels.



  • The image should have Call-to-action like adding text that mentions ‘Upload Selfie’, ‘Like Us’
  • Mention the benefits clearly to take quick action



Important Instagram Marketing Strategies For B2B









Take your customers behind–the–scene


Most consumers love to see what goes on in the production, development or just the day-to-day activities of their favorite brands. Try unique ways in sharing – it could be 

  • a Vlog from the boardroom showing how decisions are made
  • what the staff is eating that day in a lunch meeting
  • what the lounge area looks like for employees
  • Work desks


Try to be creative and make the visuals speak for themselves.


Keep it visual and creative


Instagram is more visual than other social networks emphasizing on spreading the message through images. Instagram users expect casual content than heavy brand promoting content. So, make images as fun as possible.


For example, instead of just posting an infographic, take a picture of your marketing team working on the infographic. This image instigates curiosity. Showing the actual infographic in the background will convey the message as well.


Post authentic content



Creating authentic content is crucial but not easy. Put efforts in posting original thoughts and messages. But, it is OK to post the same image again after a few weeks or months. 







The key to successfully utilizing Instagram for B2B marketing for your company lies in knowing your target audience. Communicating and constantly engaging audience helps build up more followers and loyalty among brand fans.


Try new things to understand your audience better. Fortune 500 companies are utilizing Instagram as a very effective marketing tool and humanizing their marketing efforts. See some examples of how to utilize Instagram for marketing.


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