Are Landing Pages dead in this era of Social Media Marketing?

Wikipedia defines Landing Pages as “A landing page, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement“.  These pages are relevant even today in this era of social media. They are created to convey a specific message, promote an ad or an offer to target audience. Several marketing pages are created based on marketing campaign needs. Blogs are also a kind of landing pages that have quality content for viewers and a call to action.


Landing pages play quite an important role in social media marketing. Some of the strategic ways to utilize landing pages in social media marketing are,


Driving traffic to landing pages

Traditionally, landing pages received traffic mainly from search engines. However, social media started playing a huge role in driving traffic to these pages. Frequently posting page links on social networks will not only increase traffic but also helps brand awareness. So, to increase social reach, include your employees, partners and customers in spreading the word on social media.


increase social reach


A/B testing through social postings

Create multiple landing pages that convey the same message in different ways. Post these links on social media to gauge responses. By tracking URL clicks, your audience can be understood better.


At Advo.Ninja, we measure audience responses to your posts and provide a list of top posts based on the clicks it received.


Landing page A/B Testing




Measure social responses accurately


Offers exclusive to Social media

You can create exclusive offers on specific social media to drive more traffic. This is proven to be very effective. Facebook provides an easy way to create ‘Offers‘. These offers should link to appropriate pages for quickly grabbing attention and drive call-to-action.


Facebook offers Landing Page


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