Why Is LinkedIn Great For B2B Marketing?

LinkedIn has evolved as the key go-to place for professionals to connect. Chances are if you are a professional that doesn’t have a Facebook, or twitter account you will have a LinkedIn profile. In fact, LinkedIn has now surpassed 500 million registered users in over 200 countries according to fortune.com.  When it comes to direct traffic to your website, LinkedIn users are far more likely to visit. This trend was observed over a two-year period by analyzing 2 million monthly visits to over 60 different corporate websites. 



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Why is LinkedIn a better choice for B2B marketing for professionals and businesses? There are some unique features of LinkedIn that makes it still the most relevant professional social network. The uniqueness is in content shared by people, their profile quality and also their apptitude to connect with right people for their business. 


  • At least 6 out of every 10 people want to see industry news  


LinkedIn viewers want to consume industry news. That’s good news for your business because the audience here want to learn about various businesses, industry trends and ecosystem activities. If you are working in Cyber Security, you want to keep track of other innovations in the industry and also which company is getting funds, where are influencers and thought leaders see the market going.


You can share your company news and it’s still very relevant for your audience unlike other social networks where audience look for more general and non-work related content. 


  • LinkedIn has built highly trusted business ecosystem


The audience is already looking to connect for business reasons. So, it makes it easy for have a professional conversation unlike Instagram or Facebook where poeple want to connect with others with similar interests about their hobbies, cause or other reasons. 



  • You can find the entire organization chart of a company


Potentially you get to map out a company’s entire organization chart based on their titles. This tremendously helps in whom to target whether for recruitment or social selling. Even number of employees within a company and other details are crucial in understanding one’s background. We are all getting used to finding such information easily on LinkedIn, but imagine we did not have that before LinkedIn gathered this valuable data over a decade. 



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  • LinkedIn’s social selling and other business tools are still top rated 


LinkedIn constantly provides next generation sales and marketing tools for lead generation, sales tips & strategies through thier courses and social selling tool. Their tool set also covers ABM and employee advocacy



  • LinkedIn has little to none fake accounts


This notion speaks for itself; with no fake accounts as a business professional you know your time is not being wasted. You get a true picture of your connections and as a company the ability to see you the correct numbers reported. You know that your target efforts are reaching to genuine individuals who want to connect with you.


As a B2B marketer, having a LinkedIn page for your company exposes you to over 500 million business professionals who according to their own statistics 79% views them as an effective source for generating B2B leads. This is because of the mere fact that you can target by employee level, job title or even a specific skill.



Marketers should maximize its use on LinkedIn, as this is a breeding ground for brand awareness. The key is to focus on turning leads into actual customers by taking advantage of all the tools LinkedIn has to offer, by engaging with the right companies relevant to your own, posting on relatable industry news and building relationship with current customers. Once these are set in place results will follow. 


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