Advantages of LinkedIn Groups Vs LinkedIn Pages?

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LinkedIn Groups



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There are more than 1.8 million LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are micro communities that allow you to host a gathering of people interested in a similar topic. Though every company will have only one main company page, they may have several LinkedIn Groups based on various interests such products, services, and technology used.  The maximum number of members for any group is 1 million.


Make sure you choose to make your group closed if you want to restrict discussions among your audience only. Closed groups will not reveal content to people outside the group. Another advantage of making a closed group is that you can choose to allow or disallow memberships to the group.


Advantages of having LinkedIn Groups


1. Discuss any Topics Freely

Sometimes discussing topics in a corporate environment will slow you down because of legal and other restrictions. If you have your audience easily accessible on your LinkedIn group, don’t hesitate to ask them questions and get feedback on a product design. Keep in mind this content will be available to all group members.


2. Increase Traffic

Sharing company topics regularly will get more views for your content. Unlike company posts that may get missed in feeds, members can opt in to get emails on content to make sure they don’t miss any conversations. So, having both a page and groups is quite essential to cover all your audiences.


3. Build your Customer Community

Inviting customers to participate in LinkedIn groups is becoming more popular and efficient. Groups should include experts from the company as well as customers. If there is a question regarding the product or service, it may be very efficient to get them answered in a group over any other company built platforms. Over 70% of US adults are on social media. Since they are already spending time on social media, make use of this opportunity to communicate with them.


4. Groups are Like Multiple Forums on a Single Platform

Instead of keeping up with forum activities by visiting multiple sites, join relevant groups on LinkedIn and provide value to your audience. This will help build credibility and strengthen your thought leadership.



LinkedIn Page


A page is created to give a company presence on LinkedIn. There are about 4 million business pages on LinkedIn. LinkedIn goes an extra mile to make sure users who create company pages are associated with the company. This is done by asking the user to verify his/her business email. You cannot create a company page with a non-business email like Gmail or Yahoo. All these measures are taken to have quality data on LinkedIn.

See How to Create and Manage LinkedIn Page for a Business for creating your own company page.


People that are interested in learning about your company such as prospects, customers, and employees will follow your company page. When you post updates they show up in every follower’s feeds.


Advantages of Having a LinkedIn page


1. Easy Access to Company Information

57% of a typical purchase decision is made before a customer even talks to a supplier. So, providing information on social networks is very crucial. There is a very high chance that your target audience will look for your company information on LinkedIn first. Along with the product and service information, a company’s other information such as when it was founded and the number of total employees also provides great insight into your company.


2. Direct Interaction With Audience

When your audience comments on your posts, you can directly interact with them. This interaction is visible to all your audience that may have a similar question. Through this, your company page becomes one of the major platforms for interaction with your audience.


3. Reach New Audience

When you post updates on your page, it reaches your current audience. When your followers share your content, you can then reach new audiences. So, invite your employees, partners, customers, and anyone that may help you spread the word to your page. You can notify them about your content and ask them to share on not only LinkedIn but also other social networks as well. The more you share on multiple networks, the more traffic you get.


You can now automate posting and sharing by your employees and customers. 

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4. Promote Career Opportunities


Apple job opportunities on LinkedIn


Hiring good talent is no easy job. At a startup (name is confidential), the candidate who was approached for a CXO position did not agree to proceed because he was not able to gather enough company information on LinkedIn and other sources. Attracting talent and promoting jobs is another great way to use a LinkedIn company page.


5. Engage and Provide Up-to-date News to Audience

Keeping your audience up to date with the latest news is key in order to continue building great relationships. Even though companies can directly send emails with information to their customers, educating prospects is done easily on pages.

Note that when you post content to the page, all followers get to see it in their main feed. This will prove more engaging than sponsored ads.




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