Social Media Strategies for Startups based on LinkedIn Statistics

LinkedIn strategy

There are several LinkedIn statistics that get released every year. It is very important to review them closely and apply them to your internal social media strategies to be more efficient in reaching your targets.


Creating a Killer LinkedIn Page Pays off


According to Jeff Bullas, 2 new users join LinkedIn every second. This is a perfect place for businesses to spread brand awareness, achieve repeat visibility and reach new audience everyday.


In doing so, the first step is to have a LinkedIn page that follows a few simple steps to make it effective for your audience. For example, add a profile photo – you can increase your linkedIn views by 11 times by including a photo, and create a Showcase page.


Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 4.44.28 PM



Organic Reach is the Winner!


Let’s say you create a post and share it on LinkedIn page. The immediate reach of that post includes your company page followers. To increase the reach immensely, at Advo.Ninja we make effortless sharing of posts across not only LinkedIn but also other social networks through employees’ and other advocates’ networks. This is how it works.


  • If you post 20 contents in a month
  • 200 employees (assuming you have 200 employees) and 20 external advocates share on Linkedin
  • According to Jeff Bullas, average LinkedIn user has 930 connections. So, total potential reach is 4,092,000
  • If you were to recreate this effect in LinkedIn sponsored posts, you had to pay about $94,116 (around $23 per 1,000 impressions). With Advo.Ninja you will pay $199.


One thing to remember is that average participation rate for any programs within organizations is about 70%.


cost effective organic reach with



It’s Critical to have a Mobile Strategy


For your sponsored ads on LinkedIn, make sure your mobile version looks appropriate. This is very crucial provided 41% of LinkedIn users visit via mobile and LinkedIn users spend 26% of their time on LinkedIn using the mobile app. LinkedIn is also investing heavily into mobile experience.


When choosing the type of sponsored ads, there are 2 major categories.

  1. One that reaches both mobile and web audience. This is not the cheaper option, however notice that the ads end up in the main feed. So, this will definitely grab more attention especially if they are on mobile since there is no other distraction on the page layout.


linkedin sponsored ads


When advocates post your content via Advo.Ninja, they all end up in the main feed for both web and mobile users.


Increase target audience effortlessly with Advo.Ninja



2. This option is for web only. This is a cheaper option, but impressions are highly questionable. Because the ads are on the right hand side and you cannot assume that the viewer actually reviewed these ads that are not in their main feed.


linkedin sponsored ads



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