3 Social Media Strategies based on Twitter Statistics

twitter statistics

Latest Twitter Statistics can be found on Twitter website.


Twitter is a very established social network that all businesses would want to have a presence on Twitter, find audience, Tweet at the right time and make content go viral.


I suggest to review Twitter Statistics and use them wisely to make adjustments to your social media strategies.


Find Your Audience in Sheer Volume of Tweets


There are 316M users that send out 500M tweets per day. With this ocean of content generated by hundreds of millions of users every day, reaching out to your target audience is not easy. So, follow these simple steps.


  1. Target keywords in Twitter bios. You can create lists of targets using Twitter‘s “people search” feature.




2. Find active users and influencers that tweet regularly

3. Follow, monitor and interact with them.

4. If you want to automate some of these activities such as instantly messaging everyone who follows you, use services like crowdfireapp.com.



Best time to Tweet – Carpool Lane Hours


Tweeting regularly is very important. Naturally, your audience will find you if you # right keywords. In addition, Tweeting at the best time is also important to expand the reach. There are several statistics that show commute time is the best time. So, carpool lane timings, between 5-9am and  3-7 PM is one of the high traffic hours of Twitter. Anytime after 8pm is another time slot to watch whether you audience response better during that time.


Unless you have determined a confident pattern about your audience’s Twitter behavior, I suggest to Tweet at least 3 times a day. This is to make sure your Tweet window covers multiple time zones and daily schedules of your audience.





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Use Real-time News to Promote Your Tweets Wisely


In 4 months,17 million Americans shared tweets about a TV showTV shows also include events and games that are broadcasted on TV. This is a golden opportunity for your business if you can use these TV shows’ hashtags wisely. Build a story around trending hashtags that is relevant to your business . For example, 2015 Super Bowl’s #RealStrength Ad went viral. You can wittily use this hashtag to Tweet #RealStrength comes from #nakedjuice or #RealStrength comes from #awscloud.


TV show tweets will be very real-time. So, make sure you Tweet when the world is watching those hashtags.


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