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Hundreds of millions of people use twitter daily to either increase traffic to blogs or to bring attention to their products or services. With such large amount of tweets, it is quite easy for a company to lose their tweet in the stratosphere. We had written a our own on blog about What’s the Best Time to Tweet? However we did not recommend a customized solution. Is there essentially a best time to Tweet? There are so many different sources suggesting various times for example;


Entrepreneur advices between noon and 1:00 pm. In fact, they went a step further insinuating that tweets with links are clicked between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am.


Lifewire suggests between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm if you want to maximize engagement.



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What we have realized here at advo.ninja is that none of these suggested times truly work because there are several factors to consider when you’re tweeting. Factors such as;


  • Target audiences for the specific brand we are tweeting
  • The time zones of the audiences
  • Location of the company
  • Type of business whether retail or B2B


Here are some ways consumers have used twitter to contact companies at various times of the day;


Best time to tweet, advo.ninja
Best time to tweet




sample best time to tweet
Sample of Best time to tweet




Best time to tweet
Best time to tweet



All the above examples shows how each consumer who is connected to a brand tweets on different days at different times reinstating the fact that there is no one best time to tweet.



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Ultimately, the content, audience, type of products/services all contribute to determining the best time to tweet. Audience activity also varies on these factors. For example, an individual looking at retail options may scan twitter throughout the day and even click on a few links whereas someone researching a government business entity for up to date information may tweet and click on an article early morning.




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How Advo.Ninja Calculates ‘Custom’ Best Time to Tweet


Here at advo.ninja we have the ability to track precisely what time your audience views, shares and clicks on your tweets. With machine learning, we capture several sets of data to determine when your audiences will be active on not only Twitter but also on various other social networks. We also automatically schedule your Tweets and posts at optimized times. 



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