How to Promote Blogs on Social Media

Promote Blogs on Social Media


Content creation is only the first step, promoting content is a continuous and a very crucial step in content marketing. There are several things you can do to promote and endorse blogs on social media that will in-turn help your blog reach wider audience.


1. Include Blog Links Anywhere Possible


The first thing to promote blogs on social media is to include a link into every post, about us page and profile you have on social media. The idea and presence of your blog page URL on your profile on social media will at the very least kick start the promotion of your blog to your friends and acquaintances who can in turn help you promote it in their social circle. This will kick off a chain of expansion and promotion of the blogs awareness.



2. Tweet with Blog Links


The next thing that can be done is to tweet posts and snippets with the blog pages URL in its link, to promote a direct access to the blog page itself via the link. There is also a new automated service or plug in that can be incorporated into the updates and posts on twitter regarding the post with a direct link to not the blog but the blog post itself.



3. Make Use of Facebook’s Character Generosity


Facebook profiles have more space than Twitter tweets, and provide ample space in the about us page, and also have greater in depth posts for your blog and its properties; as opposed to twitter that can only allow a small peak into the post. You can highlight important posts on Facebook, give more information to rise interest in the readers.



4. Don’t Ignore Pinterest


Pinterest has slowly morphed into our lives as the go to place for promoting content and is usually often unnoticed and ignored by the usual marketing departments who don’t believe in its viability. This is not really true as Pinterest has a wide variety of users and the written content of the blog can be anchored with images into Pins and create a heading or informative opening sentence for the actual post. The visual element related to the post raises the value of the written content of the blog post. The Pinterest Pins are also equipped to blog the contents by themes and topics which can separate the discussed topics for discussion and provide direct links to the blog itself.



5. Laser Target Audience on LinkedIn


The other used forms of social media are LinkedIn and Google+ communities are communities of users that share common interests and your blog can be marketed under its wide variety of categories to allow easy searching and reading. The difference between LinkedIn  and Google+ is that LinkedIn provides a more professional expertise on the subject whereas Google+ is made up of fanatic and enthusiasts of the subject allowing you to project your content and diversify the target audience whilst increasing its numbers.



6. Hashtag Blog Keywords


The newest thing available though is hash tagging. Hash tagging the blogs name related attributes are a highly evolved way of projecting it and all these methods combined can help promote blogs on social media.




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