Quick Fixes to Your LinkedIn Profile

There are a few quick fixes to your LinkedIn Profile you can do in 10 minutes. With 332 million people on LinkedIn with average of 500+ connection, LinkedIn is no doubt the largest professional social network. Having a LinkedIn Profile is very critical for all professionals. Here are some of the tips to create a killer LinkedIn profile.


LinkedIn Profile photo is quite critical

Having your latest photo as close to as how you look today is a must. It should reflect who you are and should look professional. You don’t have to be in suit, but make sure it represents you well – if you wear glasses, wear glasses in the picture. The intent is for others to recognize you when they see you at a conference or at an interview. Don’t look like this profile picture.


How not to pose for your LinkedIn profile picture
How not to pose for your LinkedIn profile picture



LinkedIn algorithm won’t even show your profile in “People you may know” section if you do not have a profile picture. This is for purely user experience reason. If there is no picture, the empty headshot provides ugly user experience, for that sole reason, your profile may not be suggested to your possible potential network.


Guidelines from LinkedIn for profile picture size includes,

File size 10MB maximum

Photo should be square

The ideal pixel size for the image is 400 X 400


Make your headline more interesting than your official title

Make your headline more interesting than your title given by your employer. Many times, your official title limits in representing all you profile completely. The headline should be a value statement. For example, instead of writing “Social media marketing manager”, “I help companies ace their social presence” will be unique and tells your passion immediately.


Add links in the Summary

Make sure to include links to your blogs, or webinars or podcasts in the Summary. This quickly shows your background and makes your profile very trustworthy and powerful.


Add links to LinkedIn profile summary
Add links to LinkedIn profile summary


Organize recommendations

Recommendations are highly valued in LinkedIn algorithms. The higher the number of recommendations, the higher the profile ranking will be. So, ask for recommendations from those you trust. If you would like to make changes to the recommendations, make sure you ask the recommender to make those changes. People that view your profile trust what others say about you more than what you say about yourself.


Note that Recommendations can be reordered. So, place the best ones on the top.


Endorsed Skills

Don’t miss to add skills. The broader the skills the easier it is for your network to endorse. For example, “Program Management” is a broader skill to endorse as opposed to “Jira”, which is a scrum tool. Your co-workers from cross functional teams may not know which tools you used, they may respect your program management skills in this case.


Be active and post regularly

Once the profile is created, being active is very crucial to keep the profile intersting. Spend time on LinkedIn regularly, follow the right people that are evangelists in your field and repost valuable content from them. It tremendously boosts your profile ranking and demonstrates your thought leadership.


One of the easy ways to find shareable content is to follow your employer who has similar interests, and share their content. By doing this, you can promote your interests and also show how proud you are about your job.


So, make these quick changes to your profile and spend 15mins daily on the network to boost your profile.



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