How to Repurpose Articles?

Repurpose articles to increase leadgen


Repurposing articles is to convert them into different mediums to consume the same or similar content. This should not be done to increase SEO because that will not work due to search engine’s index content. However, you should repurpose articles in order to reach wider audience, increase brand awareness, increase sign-ups, and increase sales.


A few ways to repurpose articles are,


1. Convert Tutorials to Downloadable pdf Files


If you have tips or tutorials you have shared across many blogs, put them together in a pdf format. Then, make this a gated content that helps lead generation.



Signup and download articles



2. Convert Blogs into Insighful White-papers for Lead Generation


Take several of your blog posts on a similar topic and make them into a white paper. If there are references to statistics on these blogs, consolidate them to generate a new statistical report.

Again, make this a gated content for lead generation purposes.


3. Use Whitepapers in Affiliate Marketing


Once you build valuable content such as white paper or consolidation of statistics, use that for your affiliate marketing. For example, you can publish this on websites that have high traffic coming from a similar set of audiences as yours. However, that business cannot be your competitor.



4. Create Slide Deck out of Whitepapers


Slide decks are very engaging and very quick to convey your ideas. Utilize them for marketing purposes and publish them on slide sharing sites such as SlideShare reaches over 70 million people instantly.


uploading presentation on slideshare



5. Record Webinars and Post on Video/audio Sharing Sites


yourlisten lets you upload podcasts with no size limit. It also provides an easy way to share content, which gives high potential for your audio to go viral.


Youtube is still the top video sharing site with 4 billion hits everyday. So, don’t forget to upload your video.


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