How to Repurpose Blogs for Social Media?

repurpose artilces for social media

Repurpose Blogs


Repurposing blogs are for reaching new audiences who consume different forms of information and hangout at different places on the internet such as social media, blogs, forums and video sharing sites.


Every social network is unique in terms of how people communicate, share and use it. While LinkedIn is very professional and work related articles, Twitter encourages audience to have a free speech to express themselves strongly. So, you need to cater to your audiences on these social networks a little differently on each network. I suggest starting your effort with creating your own blog. This make it easy and fast to repurpose instead of using a blog written by someone else.


1. Tweet the Title and a Quote From Blog


Tweet the title of your blog with an image and link to the article. Take quotes from the blog and tweet again with a different image and link to the same article. So, you already created multiple Tweets from the same blog.

See what is the best time to tweet?



2. Post the First Two Lines of Blog Into Facebook


First of all, your blog should clearly state the purpose of the blog in the first two lines. Then, take these lines and post it on Facebook. Since Facebook is more generous with number of characters to include in the post, you can add those two lines into your Facebook post directly.


Ask how else someone would approach the answers you have addressed in your blog. This will be another Facebook post with the same link. For example, for this blog the Facebook post would be ‘how do you repurpose your blog posts on Facebook?’


3. Republish Blog as LinkedIn Long Post


You can do this as easily as copy and paste your complete blog into LinkedIn’s long post.


LinkedIn sends out messages to all your network to view your blog post – that is very powerful. This has very high potential to spread the word. You blog will be visible to all the groups you are a member of. So, join as many groups as possible that are relevant to your area.


4. Videos Will Not Help Much in SEO, But They are Super Engaging


Videos are very powerful when it comes to engaging your audience. So, convert your blogs into slide shares and videos. Upload them on Youtube and Slideshare. But, keep in mind that the it’s hard to search for the content inside the video. And also there is usually a very low CTR (ClickThrough Rate) to your website from the video sites. It’s very hard to get people off of a video site to visit another website.


You can use services on Fiverr to create videos based on your blogs. You can even get your blogs written by bloggers on Fiverr for as low as $5 an article. However, make sure they echo your ideas and style in your blogs.


5. Don’t Forget to Schedule All Social Media Posts Ahead of Time


Your social media calendar should always align with the marketing calendar. Download a free copy of the social media posting calendar template here. Also, schedule these posts and include your advocates in your social media efforts. Use Advo.Ninja to do this effortlessly.


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