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Social Media Calendar Template


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In this blog, I am going to provide details on how I created this template and how to use this efficiently. See How to Build a Social Media Marketing Calendar for knowing the importance of building a social media calendar and basics of building one.


Posting content to multiple social networks on a regular basis should not take more than 30mins of your week’s time. Use Advo.Ninja’s scheduling engine to queue up your posts including tailored comments to each social media.



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Social Media Calendar Template


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First, review your marketing calendar to start building the social media calendar. If you don’t have a marketing calendar, use this template to note down events and when you plan to release marketing assets. In this template, I have covered three different variations 1) In Week 1,4 and 5 new marketing assets being released, 2) In Week 2, a conference is scheduled and 3) in Week 3, there are no special events nor new marketing assets are being created.


Sample Week 1,4 and 5  – A Week to Release New Marketing Assets


When you produce new marketing assets try to produce more content around that. For example, if your company CMO releases a new podcast

  • Gather comments from analysts around that topic
  • Gather comments from other CXO and VPs
  • Gather industry news that supports the podcast topic


Release all these content in the same week as the podcast. Such supporting content will help boost bringing eyeballs to your asset.


Sample Week 2 – A Week With an Event


If your company is attending an event focus your social media postings around that. Conference promotions should start much earlier than the week of conference. However during the week of conference remind your audience where to find you, what you offer them when they visit you and any other promotional content while all your audience are gearing up to attend the conference.


Release new marketing assets around the conference that increases curiosity about your gig. For example, a white paper or a video to show hints on what you are planning to announce at the conference.


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Sample Week 3 – A Week of No Planned Activities


For regular weeks plan on brining new topics to the table to discuss or to share. If you are releasing blogs everyday add those to the calendar. Otherwise, at least release one long and one short blog in a week. And, do not forget to re-share the same blog to increase shelf life. Every time you post you get more coverage for your content. So, try to repost one more time in the same week and also repost once after 4-6 weeks.

If you are short on in-house content, try to share industry news.


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