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Hello Executives, Personal Branding is NO Longer an Option !

You are the face of your company. You set the tone, mission and vision for the entire organization. Today, personal and professional lives are merging, so as business and personal branding. Personal branding continues even after your engagement with a … Read More

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Don’t Miss These in Your Social Marketing Budgeting at Startups

Statups usually allocate marekting budgets on an on-demand basis. This by itself should not cause any problems as long as all aspects of marketing are considered during the high level company budgeting.    A decade ago, a company’s marketing budget … Read More

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Optimized ‘Best Time To Tweet’

Hundreds of millions of people use twitter daily to either increase traffic to blogs or to bring attention to their products or services. With such large amount of tweets, it is quite easy for a company to lose their tweet in … Read More

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Perfect Business Profile Picture for Social Media

First impressions matter. Choosing the perfect profile picture for social media is a vital piece for branding yourself and your business. Remember, this is how you will be remembered and identified online. In fact, whenever you register with any social network, … Read More

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Important Instagram Marketing Strategies For B2B

We are all aware that various social media platforms perform differently for business based on industry, type and model. However, cross pollinating content on multiple platforms for maximum reach while utilizing each one of them effectively is key. With Instagram’s … Read More

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Twitter's Role in B2B Marketing

Twitter’s Role In B2B Marketing

Twitter’s role in B2B marketing is growing constantly. Twitter has transformed the way people connect and share with each other and is just as effective for business-to-business marketers trying to build brands. With 328 million users and  over 80% of fortune … Read More

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10 Best Personal Branding Practices on LinkedIn

As a professional, having a LinkedIn page exposes you to over 500 million business professionals. According to LinkedIn’s own statistics 79% of people view them as an effective source for generating leads for marketing purposes. This is because of the … Read More

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Employee Advocacy Platform

Employee Social Reach, How Important Is This?

Social reach is the one of the most used terminologies in digital marketing. Social network has become part of our lives in the last decade. When you meet someone for the first time, you want to immediately add them to … Read More

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Why Is LinkedIn Great For B2B Marketing?

LinkedIn has evolved as the key go-to place for professionals to connect. Chances are if you are a professional that doesn’t have a Facebook, or twitter account you will have a LinkedIn profile. In fact, LinkedIn has now surpassed 500 … Read More

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Advocacy Marketing win-win-win


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social media marketing questions

Ask 10 Questions Before Defining Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing is a game changer. Organizations throughout the world are finding ways to utilize social media to grow and succeed their businesses. According to a research, 92% of online marketers observed their social media strategy has truly contributed … Read More

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digital marketing statistics

Ultimate List of Digital Marketing Statistics

  Digital marketing statistics are very important for online marketers. Not only they allow us to benchmark our performance against the competitors, but also enable us to review the latest digital patterns and adapt the necessary changes. So, are you … Read More

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increase social reach

Social Media Marketing in India

There is a huge scope of social media marketing in India since the vast majority of people are now active on different social platforms. A number of companies have switched their efforts from traditional marketing to digital marketing in order … Read More

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social network

What’s Wrong With Sponsored Ads?

It’s common to encounter sponsored ads while you are browsing the Facebook timeline or searching something from google. The sponsored ads provide advertisers more ways to reach different audiences, increase their followers, drive traffic and do business. It is a … Read More

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Employee Advocacy for Startups

Employee Advocacy for Less Than 100 Employees

What is Employee Advocacy? Employee Advocacy is including employees in social marketing by empowering them to share corporate content on their powerful social networks. This results in higher marketing ROI, sales and employee morale.   Employees, especially in startups are … Read More

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What is Advo.Ninja?

Advo.Ninja is a cloud based Employee Advocacy platform that helps include employees in corporate marketing. Employees spread the word by sharing their company’s articles and assets on their social networks. Employee Advocacy has two fold challenge in implementing the process … Read More

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What’s your Social Media Marketing Funnel?

All types of businesses are realizing the power of social media marketing and increasing their budgets to Social media marketing. When there is an investment results are measured and ROI is questioned repeatedly. The sad part is 75% of marketers cannot … Read More

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Quick Fixes to Your LinkedIn Profile

There are a few quick fixes to your LinkedIn Profile you can do in 10 minutes. With 332 million people on LinkedIn with average of 500+ connection, LinkedIn is no doubt the largest professional social network. Having a LinkedIn Profile is very … Read More

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Pinterest is not a social network. What do you think?  

  Pinterest’s CEO Ben Silbermann publicly said Pinterest is not a social network. He defines it as a “catalog of ideas”. On social network, users upload pictures for others to look at but this network is trying to self-serve every user … Read More

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3 Easy Ways to Add Personal Touch to your Social Media Posts

There are very simple methods to add personal touch when you post on Social Media. As businesses moved away from mom-and-pop stores to big super markets and from super markets to online purchases, personal touch has been in the downward trend. … Read More

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Are Landing Pages dead in this era of Social Media Marketing?

Wikipedia defines Landing Pages as “A landing page, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement“.  These pages are relevant even today in this era of social media. They are created to convey … Read More

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LinkedIn strategy

Social Media Strategies for Startups based on LinkedIn Statistics

There are several LinkedIn statistics that get released every year. It is very important to review them closely and apply them to your internal social media strategies to be more efficient in reaching your targets.   Creating a Killer LinkedIn Page … Read More

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twitter statistics

3 Social Media Strategies based on Twitter Statistics

Latest Twitter Statistics can be found on Twitter website.   Twitter is a very established social network that all businesses would want to have a presence on Twitter, find audience, Tweet at the right time and make content go viral. … Read More

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social reach facebook linkedin twitter

Social Reach Calculator

  Increasing social reach is one of the best ways to find new audiences for your company. At Advo.Ninja, we built a reach calculator for marketers to calculate potential social reach by utilizing employee and other advocates networks.   Inputs for Social Reach Calculator   1. Number of Employees … Read More

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viral marketing social reach

How is Viral different from Social Reach?

In social media world, viral and social reach are frequently used terms, which are sometimes used interchangeably. Even though both broadly mean popularity of content, there are differences in why they are published and what type of popularity is meant with … Read More

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a/b testing for social media

How to Utilize Social Media AB Testing Results in Your Business

According Wikipedia, AB Testing is defined as,   In marketing and business intelligence, AB testing is jargon for a randomized experiment with two variants, A and B, which are the control and treatment in the controlled experiment .[1] It is a form of statistical hypothesis testing with two variants leading to the … Read More

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Sites with Free Images, Prototypes and more

There are many free image providers. Usually they will have a database of free images and they have affiliations with a paid images website. The ones that charge money for photos have a few popular pricing models such as a monthly fee … Read More

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fake social media followers

Buying Followers Will Not Work. Why?

Buying followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social network has raised many questions including ethics. There are several products and services built around buying and selling followers. See How Facebook Likes get Bought and Sold.   1. Ask Yourself … Read More

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social media marketing budget

What Should be Your Social Media Marketing budget?

Social Media marketing budget started to appear in every marketing budget in the last 5 to 6 years. The latest surveys show social media marketing budget to be about 10% of total marketing budget. This number  increases every year.   … Read More

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social media marketing terms definitions

Social Media Marketing Terms

  Social Media Marketing Terms Used Daily   There are several Social Media Marketing terms used daily around us. Sometimes, they are used in different context from one place to another. I have tried to gather the most common ones … Read More

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FAQs – LinkedIn Page for Businesses

These are some of the commonly asked questions while creating and maintaining LinkedIn Page for businesses.   1. Why do I want to create a LinkedIn Page?   Having a presence on a widely popular professional social network is crucial for … Read More

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LinkedIn page advantages

Advantages of LinkedIn Groups Vs LinkedIn Pages?

    LinkedIn Groups       There are more than 1.8 million LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are micro communities that allow you to host a gathering of people interested in a similar topic. Though every company will have only one main … Read More

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efficient blogging and publishing on the right time

Do you BBB – Blog Before Breakfast?

When you blog regularly, one question always comes to mind: when is the best time to blog? Content is the best way to show your thought leadership, share your knowledge with your community, and provide true value to your audience. … Read More

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Repurpose articles to increase leadgen

How to Repurpose Articles?

  Repurposing articles is to convert them into different mediums to consume the same or similar content. This should not be done to increase SEO because that will not work due to search engine’s index content. However, you should repurpose articles in order … Read More

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Create Facebook page

Do I Need a Facebook Account to Create a Facebook Page?

With 1.5 billion monthly active users with Facebook account, it is the biggest social network. There are about 55 million Facebook Pages. Though most of the pages are created for businesses, there are pages created for different causes as well.   When … Read More

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Can I Backdate my Posts?

Backdating Posts is OK when you missed that announcement!   In the financial world, backdating anything is illegal, which makes backdating an article sounds odd. However, in the blogging world a few apps let you backdate your articles.   WordPress … Read More

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content marketing and socialmedia marketing

How to Crowdsource Blogging?

Have you thought about crowdsource blogging? You may agree blogs are the best channels to publish company messages, demonstrate thought leadership, and provide valuable content to your audience. Once you start generating great content, start sharing them on social media to immensely increase … Read More

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What is the best time to tweet?

Best Time to Tweet?

Is there a Best Time to Tweet?   Twitter is truly international when it comes to receiving eyeballs on your content. Businesses that create Facebook and LinkedIn pages usually have geographical targets but Twitter does not even make it an … Read More

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How to Effectively Create and Manage LinkedIn Page for a Business

Create and Manage LinkedIn Page   Over three million companies currently have LinkedIn pages and thus provide a great frontier to show all the products and services provided by companies and allow content to be visible to everyone to increase … Read More

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Social Media Calendar Free Template

  Social Media Calendar Template     In this blog, I am going to provide details on how I created this template and how to use this efficiently. See How to Build a Social Media Marketing Calendar for knowing the importance of … Read More

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What is Advocate Marketing? 

What is Advocate Marketing?   Advocate marketing is defined as skill and talent of recognizing and spotting the highest potential customers, employees with strong netwoks and target audience, nurture their potential in your business and motivate them to preach positively … Read More

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How to Build a Social Media Marketing Calendar 

  Once you’ve stepped into the social media networking and marketing brigade there is very little you can do to actually get out of it. That being said, why would you? Social media is the most excellent and foremost way … Read More

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repurpose artilces for social media

How to Repurpose Blogs for Social Media?

Repurpose Blogs   Repurposing blogs are for reaching new audiences who consume different forms of information and hangout at different places on the internet such as social media, blogs, forums and video sharing sites.   Every social network is unique in terms of how people … Read More

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How to Promote Blogs on Social Media

Promote Blogs on Social Media   Content creation is only the first step, promoting content is a continuous and a very crucial step in content marketing. There are several things you can do to promote and endorse blogs on social … Read More

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How to Create and Manage Twitter Business Page

Create and Manage Twitter Business Page   Twitter is neck and neck in leading with the fastest and most successful social medial networks in the world today. Unlike other social media networks, Twitter is short, precise, to the point and … Read More

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How is Advocate Marketing different from Social Listening and Publishing

Advocate Marketing, Social Listening and Publishing   Advocate Marketing, Social Listening and Publishing are common terminologies used in digital marketing. Advocate Marketing helps you reach new audience, build brand awareness and generate leads. A combination of Social Listening and Social Publishing help … Read More

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How to Create and Kickstart Facebook Page

Find new audiences just by having a great Facebook Page   Creating a Facebook page is very critical to find new audience for your business. The following are a few tips to make your page stand out and kickstart to … Read More

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How Do I Write Effective Blogs?

How Do I Write Effective Blogs?   If you have established audience, you tend to write about broad topics such as your vision or thoughts on a market segment. But, if you are not there yet and still working on building your … Read More

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Social Media Marketing for Startups

  Social Media Marketing for Startups   Social networking sites have turned into the first marketing stages for both startups and large businesses. Through social media marketing, various startups and large enterprises have possessed the capacity to amplify their sales … Read More

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Sponsored Vs Organic Social Media Marketing

With over 70% of US online adults using social media networking, social media marketing is becoming increasingly critical. Content on social media are either sponsored ads or those that go viral organically.   Sponsored Social Media Marketing         … Read More

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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Are you a one-person team selling real estate and also doing your own marketing? You are not alone. In this article, there are tips to achieve big results from limited time and budget. It’s very crucial to maximize your marketing … Read More

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Social Media Marketing for Fitness

Social Media Marketing for Fitness business   Fitness is one those businesses that grow heavily by word-of-mouth. 72% of all Internet users are now active on social media. So, scaling word-of-mouth through Social Media is the answer to successful marketing. … Read More

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5 Surprising Facts About Social Media Marketing

Surprising Social Media Marketing Facts   Marketers are no longer debating to include Social Media in their plans – it’s proved its value long ago. The following are some of the surprising facts that question whether they have the knowledge and are adequately … Read More

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Who are Marketing Ninjas and How Can They Help You? 

  Whether you sell consumer goods or in B2B business, social media marketing is crucial! 72% of all Internet users are now active on social media, making it the most valuable marketing platform ever. As a marketer, you create content (blogs, … Read More

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Social Media Marketing for One-Man-Team, it’s OK to cheat !

One-Man Social Media Team?   Are you a one-man social media marketing team? I bet, you are spread too thin to execute all the marketing ideas you have. It’s OK to cheat a little. The flowing tips will help reduce … Read More

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Winery Marketing – 5 Burning Questions Answered!

Wine usually get sold based on trials, tasting and recommendations. Social media is your digital word-of-mouth platform. So, use it liberally to reach your audience. It’s free if you use it right!   Is Winery Marketing Regulated?    If you … Read More

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3 Strategic Ways to Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Demonstrate Thought Leadership Every Step of Marketing   Demonstrating Thought Leadership is the most effective modern day marketing for any type of business. When a company can detach itself from promoting its individual products and starts addressing industry level topics, … Read More

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Social Media for Interior Designers

Social Media for Interior Designers Checklist   Traditionally, word-of-mouth has been one of the successful marketing strategies for Interior Designers. This has turned into viral marketing in this social media era. Houzz and pinterest have been great platforms to post your pictures and attract your … Read More

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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses, a 3-in 1 Technique

If you are a small business owner, I bet you would be wearing multiple hats everyday. Social Media is a boon to those that do not have much time or the budget, on their hands to work on traditional marketing. … Read More

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5 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Social Media for Restaurants   Social media marketing is economical (if done correctly) and proven to be extremely successful for consumer markets. Building social communities and constantly engaging them is very crucial for restaurant businesses. I am listing down very … Read More

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Social Media Marketing for Big Companies, an Inside-Out Strategy

Social Media Marketing for Big Companies   Big companies usually have great brand recognition, yet, they all continue to do marketing and invest in branding. Traditionally, big companies have invested heavily in conferences, presentations, hosting dinners, etc; however, social media … Read More

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Plan Your Social Content Distribution, Before You Create One!

Social Content Distribution   87% of B2B marketers use social media as their primary content distribution channel based on marketing surveys. So, whether it is a consumer product or a B2B product, social media marketing is crucial! 72% of all internet users are … Read More

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Like Vs Share!

Marketers should focus on getting Likes or Shares?   Whether your social content is being Shared or Liked depends on the content itself. For example, if you post a kitten picture, that is a Like. But, if you post a video … Read More

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