Social Media Marketing for Fitness

Social Media Marketing for Fitness business


Fitness is one those businesses that grow heavily by word-of-mouth. 72% of all Internet users are now active on social media. So, scaling word-of-mouth through Social Media is the answer to successful marketing.

There are 2 major questions to be answered. They are:



How To Find New Audiences? 


1) Focus on Posts and Shares as opposed to Page Likes


Statistics for Facebook, says 1,000,000 Page Likes = 135 shares. This means, you will find and reach more audience if you can get more people to share your content. Also, Posts are trustworthier than sponsored ads.


2) Find people to share more content. But, how? 


The answer is Advocates. Advocates are your employees, friends of your business and happy customers. They are ready to share your content on their social networks, they key is to make it easy for them to share. At Advo.Ninja they can share content on multiple social networks with just one click. 

Motivate them by ramifying the process.

Don’t forget to thank and reward them.


How To Engage Social Media Audience?


1) Post often


Equinox has been one of the most successful fitness businesses on social media. They post multiple times a day and on multiple social networks.

Post in the morning, before lunch hours and around 5PM. This will cover all the high traffic times of the day.


2) Post crowd engaging content  – No need to create, you can curate! 


Posting Social Media only Promotions is quite engaging and your audience will look forward for that often.

You can post tips on health and conduct fitness contests on social media.

YogaBelly runs local contests that run for several. During this period, their audiences check company pages once or even multiple times a day.



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