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There is a huge scope of social media marketing in India since the vast majority of people are now active on different social platforms. A number of companies have switched their efforts from traditional marketing to digital marketing in order to connect with their audiences. From startups to extensive businesses, social media marketing hold enough potential that can help them rise to prominence.


Interesting Facts about Social Media Users in India

When it comes to social media, India has become one of the major consumers with 1.34 Billion massive population. Social media marketing has become a need for both new and seasoned businesses that want to increase brand awareness and extend sales. So, let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts about social media users in India.

E-commerce in India is the most profitable and projected to be the largest business in India.

77% of online users in India buy products exclusively via social media contributing 38% online shopping weekly, 69% users shop by using a smartphone and 59% of users shop via tablets.

Now a days, social media have transformed the traditional means of marketing and advertising in India. It was the days of past where companies used to target their customers through TV ads or other advertising techniques but now the scenario has totally changed.  Today, around 3 out of 4 individuals in India use social media network.

When you consider social media, you may naturally think of Facebook, and Twitter. But, there are a number of other social networks utilized by a wide variety of individuals. Targeting to your potential customers using social media can be pivotal to your business. Discovering which social sites your audience is utilizing is essential.

In the recent years, digital advertising has witnessed an immense growth E-commerce sites such as Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon India has significantly digitalized overall shopping.

By the year of 2017, E-commerce industry in India will reach INR 5 Lakh Crores. It is currently at INR 2 Lakh Crores



Here are Some Facts about Social Media Marketing in India



smartphone usage in India



There are more than 200 million active social media users in India whereas 642 million are Internet users.

Highest social traffic comes from new Delhi and Mumbai.

The largest social media networks used by Indians are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Social networking activities of Indian users come between 6pm to 10 pm.

17- 24 age group are the highest active users.

A Facebook user visit the site more than 3 times a day

Most common age group in LinkedIn is 24-35 years

85% of people use Facebook via mobile phones whereas 80% of them are smartphone users.



What is Social Media Marketing?

Each business that wants to succeed online needs to have a clearly characterized social media marketing strategy. This is no longer optional, but a compulsory requirement for organizations that need to survive in the world’s most aggressive business, the Internet. SMM or Social Media Marketing is a form of Internet marketing that uses different Social Networks in order to achieve branding and marketing communication goals. Usually Social Media Marketing covers activities involving social sharing of images, videos and content for paid social media advertising as well as for marketing purpose.

(See Social Media Marketing Terms)



Importance and Benefits of Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing can boost your SEO

Search engines constantly monitor which website is driving more traffic and which are just floating down, ignored or simply buried in the 10th page of Google. An effective marketing strategy does not only improve your SEO but also boost your search engine rankings and helps to grow your followers.

Social media Marketing will lead you to build a strong relationship with your customers

Customers of today are tech savvy. Before purchasing any product they will go to the Internet or social media and start reading the information that can influence their decision. By implementing a killer social marketing strategy you not only provide them an opportunity to purchase your business but you are also build strong relationships with your prospects by offering them valuable insights that they are looking for. Thus improving brand image and increase business value.

Social media marketing allows you to target prospects

While scrolling your social media news feed, you might have noticed the ads. Some ads are sponsored while some are usually shared by your friend list contacts. These ads are so beneficial that can allow you to target more prospects. You can even customize them according to the location, industry, education, pages they like and their purchase history.

Social media is the king when it comes to news jacking

With the advent of social media, the traditional marketing and advertising techniques are no longer useful. Those days are gone in which people use to watch ads. Now days, brands get more visibility on social platforms than of TV or radio commercials whether it be an ad for a car or for a face cream. That is so because, your ad may appear a few times in a day, but on social media you just know how to slide your product into the spotlight with proper marketing algorithms.

When it comes to digital marketing, nobody can overlook the importance of social media. Whether you need to increase your sale or just want to drive a huge traffic to your website all you need is the right use of social media marketing tools and programs. An effective use of social media marketing strategies can be beneficial for your company and also helpful in saving your time and money.


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