Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Are you a one-person team selling real estate and also doing your own marketing? You are not alone. In this article, there are tips to achieve big results from limited time and budget. It’s very crucial to maximize your marketing efforts in this hot market, rising 5.7% nationwide in January 2015.


Why Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents is Important?  


Did you know that 78% of all Internet users are on Social Media? Probably, your audience is also spending time on social media. It is,


  • Economical (See how, in this article)
  • Helps reach new audience everyday. Yes, Social Networks grow everyday. Calculate it at Reach Calculator
  • Provides instant referrals. Sharing a post is equivalent to referring you to all their friends at once


The following are the simple steps for successful Social Media marketing.


1. Demonstrate Thought Leadership


Thought Leadership is the best modern day marketing. Share your knowledge with your community to grab their attention. But don’t forget to add your recent sales and promotions to those.


2. Reuse and Curate


  • Once you have created content, reuse it by posting those articles multiple times on different Social Media networks like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.


  • Turn a blog into video, and an article into a slide deck.



3. Unleash Your Advocates


Ask your advocates to share your content on all of their Social Networks. It’s crucial to make it easy for them to share. At Advo.Ninja, your advocates will be able to share your content immediately with their Networks in a single click.


Who are Advocates?

  1. Fellow employees
  2. Friends of your business, including
    1. Bankers
    2. Local Business Friends
    3. Real Estate Bloggers
  3. Happy Customers


This could be a 6-month engagement, then, rotate your advocates.


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