5 Surprising Facts About Social Media Marketing

Surprising Social Media Marketing Facts


Marketers are no longer debating to include Social Media in their plans – it’s proved its value long ago. The following are some of the surprising facts that question whether they have the knowledge and are adequately equipped to execute Social Media Marketing.


92% of marketers understand Social Media is important for their business


Marketers place very high value on social media. Type of business, industry or region will not matter anymore to reach out to your audience. The first step in marketing is identifying the best ROI marketing strategy.


91% of marketers do not know the best ways to engage their audience


Tactics and engagement are top areas marketers want to master. They are still trying to understand what are the most effective social tactics and the best ways to engage their audience with social media. Some of the ideas are: more pictures, videos, something funny, info graphics. You don’t have to create all by yourself, just curate.


Lack of time is the most common hurdle


Marketers usually are spread too thin. Keep in mind, with the increase in audience on multiple social networks, publish content on all networks and measure social reach quickly in order to determine the best channel for your business. (See Plan Your Social Content Distribution, Before Your Create One)


87% don’t know which tools to use


Marketers want better tools to simplify their social media tasks. My advise is to start small and expand later.

  • Find tools that help with content generation
  • Find tools that help spread the word


Marketing is expected to include eService, growing at 53% 


One of the ways marketers engage their customers are by answering questions. Customer will more frequently choose social media to get their questions answered, as opposed to sending emails to support@xyz.com, which is not engaging.

Have your product/service experts watch social media questions frequently to answer them.









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