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Custom Social Reach Calculator


Increasing social reach is one of the best ways to find new audiences for your company. At Advo.Ninja, we built a reach calculator for marketers to calculate potential social reach by utilizing employee and other advocates networks.


Inputs for Social Reach Calculator


1. Number of Employees

As the title says, this is the total number of employees in your company. Enter that number here. For better success, it’s advisable to include executive, sales and marketing teams as initial advocates. Then, gradually include other teams to participate in increasing social reach.


2. Number of Friends of the Company

Get smart with choosing your advocates. Don’t limit yourself with internal employees only. You can include

  1. your investors, whose networks are extremely powerful
  2. partners, who have mutual interests in making your company a success
  3. friends and family, who want your company to succeed


3. Number of Social Media Accounts per Person

The national average of active social media accounts per person is 3. If we consider the total number of social media accounts a person can have, then the average will be over 6. However, a conservative estimate is 3 active accounts.


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4. Average Number of Facebook Friends

Among adult Facebook users, the average number of friends per user is over 300. Half of all Facebook users have more than 200 friends. So, we chose 200 as the default number of friends in this calculator. Since studies show 44% of Facebook users “like” content posted by their friends at least once a day, it is important to increase the number of advocates that can share your company content.


5. Average Number of Twitter Followers

With over 241 million monthly active Twitter users, Twitter is no doubt a thickly populated social network for businesses and general news. Based on the latest Twitter statistics, average number of followers per twitter user is 208, so, we chose 208 as the default number in our calculator.


6. Average Number of LinkedIn Connections

The average number of LinkedIn connections is 393 per user, but, most of the professionals have over 500 connections. When it comes to executives, the average bumps up to 930 connections. If you have advocates who post long-form content on LinkedIn, they typically have 1,049 connections.


7. Participation Rate

Let’s be honest about the participation. There is not going to be 100% participation. The average participation rate for marketing campaigns is about 67%.


8. Connection Overlap

When people work in the same industry, there is a high possibility of overlapping connections. We considered 20% overlap, which is again the social network average. However, remember social networks do not discard but instead consolidate posts if many people on your network share the same content. For example, LinkedIn consolidates all posts under ‘People in your network are talking about ..’. This provides even stronger reference to your content.


So, for instance if you have 200 employees and 20 external advocates you can reach 109,787 people for every post. Remember, this is not sponsored ads, so they end up directly into your audiences’ feeds. It also adds a tremendous personal touch since users trust content from their networks much more than sponsored or any other type of ads.


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