Twitter’s Role In B2B Marketing

Twitter's Role in B2B Marketing

Twitter’s role in B2B marketing is growing constantly. Twitter has transformed the way people connect and share with each other and is just as effective for business-to-business marketers trying to build brands. With 328 million users and  over 80% of fortune 500 companies active on twitter, it is among the world’s top social network according to The Motley Fool.


The main objective of twitter for B2B is to utilize moments of opportunity into high-quality leads. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using twitter as a marketing strategy.



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Utilize Ease of Use

Twitter offers great accessibility. The uniqueness comes with how a user can follow anyone without getting permission from the one you follow. So, make sure you follow as many relevant handles as possible. This will not only improve your own feed, but will also generate relevant traffic to your handle.


The character limitation has kept Twitter very crisp and to the point. So, make sure you cover all the right keywords and tags in your Tweet. 


Twitter profile

Make sure your profile is interesting yet professional. Always include your companies logo as the image, your bio should be crisp and clearly include details of the business along with relevant hashtags. Ensure that your profile has a link to your website and the location of the business. Read more on how to create and manage twitter business page


Twitter Handle

Referring back to accessibility because of the ease of use you should keep this in mind when creating your handle. Try to get creative but keep as close to your name as possible so that people will find you easily. In other words it should be SEO friendly.



The best method for people to find you when they do web searches and the chance to create a viral message in an instant. Twitonomy can help you find personalized hashtags that revolve around the content you post on your Twitter accounts.



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Be Authentic

Be honest in your postings, keep your tone personal and most importantly refrain from buying followers. One thing people dislike is a dishonest company. It is very easy for your audience to find out if your bought Twitter followers. If your audience is truly following your brand, they will also cross reference brand’s presence in other social networks. If they don’t match, it raises a red flag. 


Utilize Twitter App Ecosystem 

Twitter has lots of supporting apps that are free. For example Tweetdeck, can help you to consolidate your social media accounts. Twitter even provides lots of analytical data you can sort through to see how your tweets are stacking up. There are several other apps to help your business ranging from insights about your competitor and followers or time of day to tweet.


Advo.Ninja customizes your Tweet time through machine learning.



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Tweet Current Trends 

Tweeting content that includes current trends and hastagging right keywords immensely and instangly increase followers. 



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To conclude, twitter provides access to a huge pool of prospects and can give you insider perspectives about your industry. Remember the more you interact with your followers the more you will figure out what works and doesn’t work for your business. When tweeting it’s all about ensuring there is a conversation happening between you an your audience.


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