3 Easy Ways to Add Personal Touch to your Social Media Posts

There are very simple methods to add personal touch when you post on Social Media. As businesses moved away from mom-and-pop stores to big super markets and from super markets to online purchases, personal touch has been in the downward trend. However, Social Networks are bringing people closer again not only with social circles but also in businesses. So, utilize social networks efficiently in order to reach your audience and also to maintain good relationships with customers.


A lot of attention need to be paid when you add a personal touch. There are 3 easy ways you can achieve this successfully.


Adding Comments to Your Social Media Posts

Most of the posts on Social Media Networks have links to blogs, videos or news. Posting only links without any comments will be cold, so add a comment about the content.

In this following example, the post itself has good title and a short description. However, the person who posted this added no personal comments making it not stand out among other posts in the feed. The comment could have been as simple as “Did you know coal-fired plants are shutting down quickly?” or “I was impressed by how energy industry made a huge leap in 2015”

Adding a comment also demonstrates that the promoter of the post has good knowledge about the post.


Lack of personal touch


Note that every Social Network has unique way people communicate based on the purpose of the social networks itself. When you post the same content on multiple Social Networks, use different comments that appeal to the audience in that network. In the above example, the comment could be “I was impressed by how energy industry made a huge leap in 2015” on LinkedIn and on Twitter “check out #2015 energy transformation by #utilities sector”.



Responding to Conversations with Information About People

Responding to conversations including likes, comments and questions are very crucial to keep your audience engaged. Also pay attention to how quickly you respond. While responding to a conversation use the information that is publicly available such as where a person previously worked, or home town or a college he/she went to. If you add such personal information, it brings out you really care about your audience.


Reveal Your Identity

Don’t be mysterious to your customers. Especially younger companies need to post content about their company culture and employees. With such casual posts, your audience feels they know you better and can connect easily.


Here is a good example from Uber, who posted words from one of their employees.


uber employee post



Though Social Networks are growing everyday, you can find your audience and make a connection. Use Social Networks wisely.




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