What is Advocate Marketing? 

What is Advocate Marketing?


Advocate marketing is defined as skill and talent of recognizing and spotting the highest potential customers, employees with strong netwoks and target audience, nurture their potential in your business and motivate them to preach positively and remain loyal to your company.


The first and foremost thing is a large vat of customers that will promote and profess the best about your company without being asked to, because they love your products, services and what your part in their lives has helped them to achieve in their lives.


Second part about advocate marketing is to comprehend the position and communication path that your customer base strongly believes in and using it to expand your relationship with them in turn allowing that relationship to spread and echo in their friends and family circles.


These are essential prerequisites to market your product and your companies’ services making your customer and their requirement the priority and them the boss.


Daily posts regarding the company, its development and giving the competition a wide berth margin in progress is the only possible way to establish superiority. Advocate marketing is the customer advocating your case and bringing in new sales. It is important to create a hype and buzz about the product and post, and allowing your customer to anticipate them via social channels.


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However, it is not just the customer that can advocate for you, your employees are a great factor in marketing and advocating the quality and stability of your product and company. The way you treat your employees, and educate them about the product its advantages and how it works will definitely go a long way in convincing customers to buy it. Not only will the employees help elevate sales by working at the store front they will be able to convince the people they know to purchase the product as they will have firsthand experience using it and realizing its plus points. It is also important to listen to the feedback employees give and work on it to create better salesmanship and product.


You should devise methods of instant product feedback that will help you determine what you did right or wrong for that matter and make your marketing strategy towards your customers more effective. The feedback should be integrated within the post or product information so the customer doesn’t have to deviate out of their path and will be more convinced to provide feedback for you.


To secure references from customers and employee interests, without nagging them relentlessly is by providing them with a reward for their reference to their peers and otherwise. The challenge created for the customer will let them either earn points or perks in your product or company way making them more inclined to advocate market your company for you.


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